Double blogging

Today I wrote first post as Official Blog Writer for my knitting group’s blog.

I’d say I’m happy to do so, but it also means that one of our most treasured members is moving away.  So I’m basically really bummed about that.  On the other hand, we have to keep going, right?  So I’ll do my best to keep the blog lively and try to be a fun member of the group, although I don’t think anyone can fill her shoes, or hand-knit socks, as it were.

On a high note?  OH, we went to the beach today, which was the perfect opportunity for a Breaking Waves photo shoot.  While the kids were burying each other in sand, he took a few good shots for me.  The colors really show better in the natural light as opposed to 10pm sad yellowish lighting.

Better view of the hat.

Better view of the hat.

Smiley view.

Smiley view.

Gratuitous kids frolicking in the ocean on the last day of January photo.

Gratuitous kids frolicking in the ocean on the last day of January photo.  Because we can!  

Thank you, blocking!

To be honest, I was worried about the tight fit of my Breaking Waves hat, and thought I might have to give it to the Wee Girl. However, after a wash and blocking it over a bowl, it fits great!

With the colorwork, you can bet this is a warm hat! I think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve made, and I love it!


Last night I was so excited to have reached the decreases on my Breaking Waves hat!

Well, if you look close you’ll see my mistake.

Oops! I was too excited about decreasing and ended up neglecting to finish the wave I’d been in the middle of!

To fix it without unknitting each stitch, I inserted the needle into the stitches of the row I was aiming for. The I pulled the needle out, and frogged a few rows until I reached the needle . and rewound the yarn .

And luckily it was an easy fix. Soon I was back to where I was, ready to start decreasing again . Perhaps tonight I’ll finish!


This ‘n’ that

I hope you had a relaxing New Year’s Day! It was fine here, (but cold!!)and we had a nice day visiting with a good friend.

Craft-wise, I have some updates!  Having kept the heat on my drying handspun, all day yesterday, it dried pretty quickly. Before washing:

And after:

It’s very squishy and soft, and looks nicer after washing, although it’s still very thick/thin. I wonder if it would be nice knit up in a simple garter cowl, after dyeing.

My trio of Magic Coffee Baby Hats is done! (Pssst, the Wee Boy is the second baby pictured!  He was a sweet little hat model….)

The rainbow one is my favorite, but weaving in all those ends was no treat.

With gift/deadline knitting done, I’ve picked up my neglected Monkey socks and took my Pop Blanket out of hibernation.  I’m determined to finish these two languishing projects soon.   But there is a big distraction looming!  My sock KAL group is knitting a hat this time around, so I’ve been poking around in my stash for appropriate yarns. The pattern is called “Breaking the Waves,” so I thought grays and blues would be appropriate. So far I have this:

But I likely have more possibilities in my stash– this was pretty much just yarns I had  readily available. Apparently I have a thing for blue. Seriously, if you ever catch me looking at blue yarn, jab me with a knitting needle!!

Secret project revealed!

Finally I can show you the super secret project I’ve mentioned once or twice! My knitting group organizes birthday swaps, kind of like Secret Santas. This year we’re knitting mittens/fingerless mitts/etc. for the person assigned to us.

Last night was my turn to present a fellow knitter with the project I made for her! I knitted the Gnome Mittens, a paid pattern by Spilly Jane. My recipient LOVES pink, so I changed the palette from black, blue, and red to gray, pink, and pink!




I decided to present the mittens in a custom-sewn project bag featuring Chococat, and make a set of stitch markers as well.



She was very pleased! 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s not easy for me to keep secrets, so I’m glad this one is out! Also, I was really looking forward to seeing her reaction to my efforts, and I was happy in the end.