Bear sightings!

Over the past few days I’ve been gathering up the latest of my Mother Bear Project bears that had been packed in a few different spots when we moved, so I can send them off to MN before they head to Africa.

I believe these are the last ones to complete my 5th A-Z series of bears!

Before I could get them sent off, I received a few emails from Amy of the MBP with some pics of my bears with their new forever friends.

It’s always sweet to see the bears with their new friends. These two are from my Literary Bear series. First is Christopher Robin, followed by Matilda. Matilda even has a satchel to carry her library books!

Happy knitting!

A box of bears

Over the Summer and Fall, I worked on a ton of stash-busting bears, but I was so preoccupied with work that they just piled up until finally, yesterday I made it to the post office to send them off.  But first, of course, a few photos!


Ramona Quimby:

ramona quimby

Christopher Robin:

christopher robin bear

Bears on Parade:

bear lineup

Box of Bears!:

box of bears

These are from my “Literary Bears” A-Z series, so these particular bears include The Count of Monte Cristo,  Fudge, Gilbert Blythe, Ichabod Crane, Jo March, Matilda Wormwood, Nancy Drew, Oliver Twist, Peekay, Ramona Quimby, and Christopher Robin.

Some, but not all are meant to resemble their namesakes.  I think that was what made this bunch a little harder to part with than usual.  In general, these characters were from books that were pretty special to me.   I’m sure they’ll be special to their new forever friends in Africa, so it’s all worth it.


15 hats!

Yesterday morning I finished my 15th hat for  Larkin Street Youth Services. My goal was 15 hats for 2015. It turned out to be pretty easy to churn these out- each hat only takes 1-2 days to knit.

The hats are distributed in December to homeless teens in San Francisco (this organization helps more than 3000 youth per year). Around 40% of homeless teens in the United States are LGBT. I have a special impulse to support LGBT causes, and I feel like this is an easy way to do so. A kid who’s going through a tough time during such a pivotal time of their life can receive a hand made hat (in addition to the support and services provided by this organization, which are amazing), and feel that someone cares for him or her- especially during the holiday season, which must be really rough for a homeless teenager. I hope these hats will spread some cheer and hope. 

Two FOs

The Wee Girl’s socks, finished last night!

And my Hermione bear, finished this afternoon at the park.

You may have noticed that I’m trying to use up large quantities of blue acrylic! I’ve been putting a big dent in my bear/acrylic stash lately, but I must remind myself not to accept so much of it at the next stash exchange, as it’s pretty much the last yarn I reach for, and tends to stick around for too long. 

Bear sighting!

My Robarge Bear has been sighted in South Africa!


In spite of the dubious expression, this child is most likely happy with his bear; we bear knitters been informed that 1)a lot of kids who receive bears haven’t had their photo taken before, and don’t know what to make of it, and 2) the kids don’t always understand that they get to keep the bears after the photo.  So some kids look excited or happy, while others might look confused or indifferent in the photos.

Tomorrow I should have two FOs to show you.  One is my latest bear (it’s nearly all knitted up, just needs stuffing and embroidery), and the Wee Girl’s socks!