Sea Otter Classic

This morning we didn’t leave quite enough time to get to the kids’ race on time. Oops. But staff was so kind and gave the kids medals anyway. The Wee Boy had a great time on the course.  

you did your best to get here on time, little dude.




We got so hot and dusty- all we wanted were cold beverages and shade, which we found on our way out.

shade, lovely shade.

it looks small from here, but it’s an immense maze of exhibitors, and this is just the Expo. the races are widespread.

Later we enjoyed a walk near the hotel, which led us to a cool playground.



 And then, of course, something for Mommy:

knitting in the blind- hoping this BSJ is taking the right shape!



Well, I certain didn’t mean to take a whole week off from blogging! We took a rode trip up to Portland, Oregon, and WordPress crashed every time I tried to open it on my iPhone. It was frustrating, but I suppose it also allowed me to relax without thinking about what to blog that day.

How about a week in photos to make up for a week of silence?

Perhaps the most awesome photo I have of myself with my husband?  (our nephews in Portland have the BEST toys!!!!)



Proof that the mountains in Northern California are HOT!!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous roses at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.20140613-205123-75083387.jpg

20140613-205123-75083014.jpgHammocks are the greatest!



Lavender rose!  (the order of these photos is messed up, sorry!!!)20140613-205123-75083738.jpg


Free poems in Portland!



Excellent Dr. Who graffiti at OHSU observation deck.20140613-205121-75081521.jpg


Handy free library in Portland (same house as free poems)!20140613-205122-75082278.jpg


Jamison Square fountain, Portland.20140613-205121-75081922.jpg


Mt Shasta, northern California!  Can you believe there are seven glaciers up there???20140613-205120-75080868.jpg


Mt Shasta on the way home.20140613-205124-75084394.jpg

Crossing Golden Gate Bridge, the sign that we’re just minutes from home!



My travel knitting ended up being hats!  I had only done 2 of my intended 12 hats for the Larkin Street Youth Services, so I thought I’d see what kind of dent I could make in my numbers.20140613-205126-75086012.jpg


Well, I ended up completing 8 hats while we were away!  So that’s 10 done for the year, only 2 to go!  20140613-205125-75085771.jpgIt was nice to have a vacation and visit family we only see once a year, see a nephew graduate high school, and to see Portland for the first time.  It is so green in Oregon, compared to yellow, drought-stricken California!  It was really nice but also confusing to be able to stay in one layer all day and evening, without wondering when the fog would roll in, or needing a sweater.  I had really forgotten what summer feels like!

But there’s no place like home.  🙂