Almost there!

Tonight I couldn’t stay long at knit night because of a preschool meeting, but I managed to get this far on my BSJ:


 But… Um…

Those stripes are looking wonky. Sigh. So I frogged back and ended the evening pretty much at the same place:

  But the stripes look better. Note to self: when knitting the BSJ, don’t stripe at this point. It will inevitably be uneven.  Also, maybe do some Fibonacci stripes instead of completely random. 

Monterey and BSJ

We drove down to Monterey for several days of the Sea Otter Classic, a huge cycling event.  On the way we stopped in Santa Cruz for lunch and to hit the Patagonia outlet.

Erik’s deli is my new favorite sandwich place!!



At Patagonia I was super thrilled to find the perfect backpack. I’ve been looking for a couple of years (no kidding!!) for just the right one, and now I have it. Yay!!!

In Monterey, we hit the Dennis the Menace park, but it was so hot we sought out some ice cream before long.


Our hotel room has a nice view, so we were treated to a lovely sunset over Monterey Bay.


Aaaaand, I started a BSJ (baby surprise jacket)I’m not that far into it, so it’s still a mystery how this wacky shape will become a sweater, even though it’s my second one!