Alpaca, spun!

Tonight I finished spinning my 8.9 oz of alpaca.  It’s more even and thinner than I’ve been spinning lately, so it feels like it’s taken a really long time!  

I’ll let it rest tonight and start plying tomorrow.

I also finished the heel of my Ziggy Played Guitar socks, but havent got a photo yet. The color changes are so fun- I expect to have both socks finished before long.


This alpaca spinning project is going well- it’s easy to spin it rather fine, so it looks like it will take some time.  

I’ve imagine using it for colorwork, specifically for the Sampo hat, so I think this weight (once plied) should do nicely.

Sewing, and stalled startitis

I managed to get a good deal of sewing in after getting the kids to bed tonight.  I’m nearly done with 5 new Marvel and Star Trek project bags.  I hope to get photos and get them up on Etsy within a few days!



I cut the sewing short in order to squeeze in some knitting as well, but it’s been frustrating.  I have these two lovely balls of Berroco Alpaca, one a light brown, the other a friend overdyed with short repeats of yellow, green, and very light brown.  I’m having trouble fitting them with a project.  I tried a “Noro Striped Scarf,” but there isn’t enough contrast between the two balls, and it ended up looking muddled.  I do want to use them together, though….  Maybe something involving blocks of color instead of stripes.  I’m almost tempted to make a Go-Go Garter scarf: 

I’ve been feeling drawn to garter stitch since seeing a lovely, simple garter stitch cowl on a passerby yesterday….  Ohhh, we’ll see.

Querida it is!

Thanks for the input, I’ll name the Q bear Querida!  

Sadly, I’m still having trouble with my photos.  I hope to work it out soon.  I didn’t have much of a post in mind for today anyway, because I’m THIS CLOSE, I mean like ten minutes away from finishing a super secret project.  It’s one of those projects that isn’t actually that much fun to work on, but the finished item itself is super awesome.  Have you made projects like that?

For lack of a very interesting post today, I’ll show you my favorite sweater that I’ve knitted for myself.  This is my Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene.  I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca (worsted weight), which I would not use again for a cardigan that wants more structure than Alpaca can offer.  It is just a tad too drapy and the hood really pulls the sweater back.  Wait a minute, I thought I said this was my favorite?  Yes, in spite of my complaints, I do love it and wear it a lot.  This photo is from the first day I wore it out, which was about 4 years ago.  Wow…. 4 years ago??  Time really does fly.  




And here’s a bonus photo of an alpaca, because I found it while looking for my Central Park Hoodie photos.  This was taken at Black Diamond Alpaca farm in Brentwood, CA.   I like the lazy one lounging in the background.