Recovery and bears

Yesterday’s wisdom tooth extraction went fine– I spent most of yesterday sleeping, resting, downing broth and juice.  Today has been more of the same.  The pain hasn’t been bad, because I’m keeping on top of the pain meds and icing my puffy cheeks fairly regularly.  I can move on to thicker liquids today, so I’ll start with soups.  I haven’t been as hungry as I expected to be on a liquid diet, but to get more calories in, I had ice cream for dinner last night and for lunch today.  So it’s not all bad.  :0

On to bear news!  A few days ago, the Mother Bear Project posted new photos of bears with new owners in South Africa, and Amy had found my Frank Junior and Norbert among them.  Today I looked back through them and also found Frank Junior in a group shot.  Cute!

Frank is the mostly orange one with dark green stripes and a hood.

Frank Junior!

Frank Junior!

Today I looked through some new photos from Botswana and found my Paul Bear.

Paul Bear

Paul Bear

I haven’t done any knitting yesterday or today, so that’s it for my crafting news.  Back to recuperating!

Fezzik Bear


My F-bear, Fezzik.  I know, I know, Fezzik is a male!  But I had already quite decided on his name before I started knitting the bear.  After all, The Princess Bride has been my #1 favorite movie since age 15 or so, and therefore with a movie-themed naming system this time around, I had to include Fezzik.  You understand, don’t you?

Almost there, almost a bear

I started out with soooooo much of this mint green yarn, I decided to give this bear a dress and leggings using it, in order to use Jonas much as possible. The hem of the skirt and the scarf will incorporate a few more colors so it won’t be boring. 

In other knitting news, the Wee Girl and her friend wanted to knit today, so we spent some time on it.  

They didn’t last all that long, but I figure a little requested exposure is pretty good, right???

L bear and Bon voyage

L bear was finished this evening.

I decided to name her Loretta, for Cher’s character in the movie Moonstruck.  I love that movie…

Loretta makes ten bears in my stash, and therefore a boxful to send to Minnesota, them on to Africa, where they’ll bring smiles to the faces of kids affected by HIV/AIDS.



I miss being able to knit 5 and send them together with my friend’s 5, but since she’s moved away, I either have to make bigger batches or buy smaller boxes!

At any rate, I do enjoy knitting these bears, and am looking forward to their photos with their new owners

Mother Bear sneak peek!!

Did I mention that my knitting friend travelled to Africa with the founder of the Mother Bear Project to distribute bears??!! I got a few sneak peeks of our bears, just about to be given to their new owners! Most of the photos won’t be revealed until later this month, so I’m lucky to be able to share these with you!



My kids and I also received a few awesome souvenirs- I love my bracelet- it was made by an organization called Relate, which looks really cool, and supports different causes; in this case, the proceeds go towards mosquito nets and malaria treatments. The beading is done by elderly people, most of whom support their entire families (including grandchildren orphaned by AIDS), and the finishing is done by young people who gain skills and confidence to move toward their career goals. This is probably among the top socially-conscience gifts I’ve ever received, and I love it!

I can’t wait to see more photos of the bears in Africa, and share them with you!