Mickey Bear!

Today I was made aware by Amy of the Mother Bear Project that she’d spotted one of my Dr Who bears, Mickey, in the most recent group of photos.  Yay!

mickey bear

Actually, there have been a few other sightings recently that I forgot to share!  Here are Jackie Tyler (I made two of her by mistake, one of J, and one for T.  I guess I really like that character!), Sally Sparrow, Rose Tyler, and Liz Ten.

I’ve been working exclusively on a So Faded pullover, but it’s getting to be a bit much to handle for bus commuting, so I might have to start another bear!  Happy knitting!

Leftovers socks

These socks were started over a year ago on a trip to Connecticut. I finished them fairly quickly, aside from the afterthought heels, which stumped me because I couldn’t figure out the right yarn. I didn’t want the yellow/green or the dark blue…. son they hibernated for ages. On my way out the door to knit night this week, I grabbed some red leftover sock yarn, and asked my friends what they thought. The consensus was that the red would be awesome, so I went for it, and two days later, I had finished socks.

I’m happy with them!

Passage shawl

At Stitches West, I wasn’t really shopping for anything in particular, except that I thought a kit would be nice. It seems like my friends always find lovely kits there, but they escape my notice until it’s too late. So this time I had my eye out for one, but didn’t find the right one until I’d seen almost every booth in the marketplace. That’s when I saw the Passage Shawl on one of the owners of Heidi and Lana. I bought it right away, casted on a few days later, and about a month’s worth of bus commuting later, I have my FO.

I’m sooo tired here. I’m spending my spring break working on teacher credential work, so ….. I’m tired, and will be grateful when it’s all over.

And here’s my goofy photo bomber. He put quite a kink into this photo session, but we did our best. 😂

Today was my first *real* day of spring break- the only day so far that I didn’t do any work at all.

It was fantastic.

Stitches West 2018

This is about a month overdue- so much for timely blogging.

Sooooo I took my first day off last month, and spent it happily at Stitches West. I volunteered at the Mother Bear Project booth, then browsed old and new favorite booths with friends.

I dropped off Dickon, Anne with an E, and Huck Finn at the Mother Bear Project booth.  Bye-bye, bears!

Gorgeous crochet rainbow vest!

I ❤ this madman with a sweater.

The Steven Be booth is always a fave.  I didn’t buy anything here this year, but I showed off the shawl I made with yarns he helped me pick out last year. 

This shawl was gorgeous, although its wearer was camera-shy.

What a wall!

I love this dress, although I don’t think it would particularly flatter me.

There has been plenty of commute-knitting going on here, so I hope to update again soon.  I am on Spring Break this week, and although I have a LOT of work to do, I should be able to find some time to knit and write.


Finished (a while ago) and blocked (a few days ago)!

I feel like this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever knitted- I tend to knit simpler items, but this had a lot going on- color changes, garter Stitch, cables, eyelets, I-cord, picot thingies! It’s crazy bright and fun, and I’m looking forward to its public debut at Stitches West tomorrow! I hope to get a photo with Steven Be, who helped me choose the yarns at his booth last year.

And I may see some of you there as well! Happy knitting!

PS I just realized that in my modeled photos, I wore the shawl inside out, and the picot thingies don’t show up! Big oops!

Too quiet

Well, things have been quiet on the blog, but not in real life. Teachers aren’t kidding when they say the first year is super crazy. I’d say that if you’re earning your credential during your first year, it’s even crazier.

Even so, because I’ve been commuting across the city by bus a lot, I’ve gotten plenty of knitting done! Here are a few examples:

I finished my Dr. Who named bears and started a new A-Z series, Literary Bears. I started with Algernon.

Babar was next. I didn’t start out with the intention that the bears would resemble their namesakes, but I was weak to the power of suggestion.

And the kids and I had a nice winter break in Wisconsin, where the temp barely surpassed 0 degrees F once.

Happy winter!


Well, blogging is a different world now that I’m working full-time.  Thanks to commuting by bus about half of the time, I’m still managing to get plenty of knitting in, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

My Reyna Shawl is finally finished, blocked, edging undone and redone, and re-blocked!  This yarn, Plucky Feet, isn’t all that soft, but it’s resilient and squishy, and the resulting shawl should wear well.

reyna shawl

I also have a few bears to show, bears 101 and 102.

Atraxi bear!

atraxi bear

And Yeti bear!  My son called this one a zombie bear; maybe the neon green wasn’t the best choice.  yeti bear

I only have one bear left in my Dr. Who-themed alphabet.  Next up will be Literary Bears!  I already have my A-Z list completed, but might change it up as I see fit.

Happy knitting!