Sneak peek

Obviously I can’t show any FOs before Christmas, but here’s a shot of the inside of something I’m working on, because I think the inside of color work is amazing!

More soon! Happy knitting!

Tiny Jayne hat!

I found this free pattern on ravelry for this Jayne hat brooch. I don’t need a brooch, but I wanted it for a Christmas tree ornament. I swear it took less than half an hour!

It’s so cute! I might redo the Pom Pom though, as I just improvised this one, and it could be nicer.

I hope I find time to make more ornaments this year!

Happy knitting, friends!

From socks to mitts

Years ago, I knit the Swedish Fish socks with my sock knitting group in San Francisco. Sadly, my background color was a 100% merino that felted and the socks shrank. I handed them down to my kids until tent were too small to ya k onto anyone’s feet!

I recently decided to try to upcycle the socks into fingerless mitts!

First I inserted a circular needle into the solid row between fish. Then I cut the yarn and started knitting k2p2 ribbing using the swatch from my So Faded pullover. It’s looking good!

I think they’ll be very cute mitts, and I learned an important lesson about yarn choice!

Happy knitting!

Totoro Crossing!

Suddenly I have all sorts of ideas for knitted and crocheted holiday gifts, but, well, pretty limited time to get things done!  I have a few geeky gifts finished, which I’ll show you after the holidays, and purchased yarn for a few more yesterday.  I’m pretty excited about ALL OF THEM!!!!

In the meantime, here’s a shot of a design I just finished for my Threadless shop.  It’s a parody of an animal crossing sign, but instead of a deer or ducks, etc., it’s a trio of Totoros and a couple of Susuwatari– soot sprites.  I need to order myself a sample!

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.22.09 AM

I’ve been very busy lately working on designs for my artist shop.  If I’m not subbing at a school, I’m at my dining table, drawing and scheming.  OH!  We tested out some Xp-pen tablets at Kumoricon and almost immediately bought one.  It has upped my design game, as it was hard to draw and color on paper and have the designs transfer nicely/bright enough once I scanned them into my computer.  I suppose I’m slow to the game, but creating digitally is a game-changer.

Anyway, check out my shop! .  Happy knitting, drawing, etc!!

Tweedy stripey!

Yay! I finished knitting the second sleeve of my Tweedy Stripey this morning, then knitted the collar this afternoon. I did so many changes to this sweater (gauge, smaller neckline, longer sleeves) that until it’s blocked and seamed, I’ll remain slightly nervous. But everything seems good, and I hope to seam and block in the morning! Here’s a sneak peak:

I was so worried I’d run out of purple, but there’s a sizable amount left. It’ll go into the scrap stash and most likely become part of a charity hat. My local library has a basket to donate hats, and from which people can take a hat if they need one. I like how they’ve cut out the middle person!

Happy knitting!


This sweater is a KAL with my SF knitting group! It’s been nice to keep my connection with them while I have only been able to make it to knit night a few times here in Portland.

The Tweedy-stripey pattern is easy and fun! I started a few weeks ago and am now on the first sleeve. I think I’m pretty close to knitting the sleeve edge! I just love how bright it is, and owe my husband a big thank you for steering me away from gray, dark gray, and black! These colors ought to keep me cheerful during the drizzling winter months of the Pacific Northwest.

In non-knitting news, we found a lovely hike in southern Washington today. I love how different it is from Northern California!

I hope you had a nice weekend too!