Big oops

The other day I was working steadily along on my Godzilla cross stitch project when I suddenly realized I’d used the wrong shade for a good portion of his body!

WHY are these two different colors labeled the same??!!

Some family members tried to convince me to let it be, that it could be a unique version, but I’m a pretty Virgo-ish Virgo, so I spent yesterday and today’s crafty time pulling out the wrong color. Boy, was it tedious! But it was worth it, even though it was more stitches than I’d thought.

These are the stitches I pulled out and have to redo.

I don’t mind the redo too much, because the thread I’d mistakenly used was way too blue and would have bothered me. It shouldn’t take too long to fix, then I only have the words to stitch at the bottom.

Happy crafting!

Cross stitch in progress

Having wrapped up a few knitting and crochet WIPs, I’ve taken out a cross stitch pattern that I haven’t worked on in ages. This time I’m determined to finish it!

Go go Godzilla!

It’s a very silly piece that, when finished, will include a helicopter and the words “May Godzilla destroy this house last.” I bought the pattern on Etsy. It was very reasonable, especially because this is the second one I’m making.

I used to do so much cross stitch in high school and college, but back then patterns were more “country cottage” style, so I eventually stopped, aside from a little project now and then. Now, however, there has emerged a new genre of geeky and subversive patterns that have drawn me in again!

Is there and art or craft form you’ve rediscovered?

Angee socks!

When we first had to shelter in place, and my kids were suddenly with me all day, I definitely felt a lot of stress. I even lost some of my knitting mojo for a bit, and set aside the socks I had been working on in favor of more mindless crochet granny squares.

Well, having finished the big granny square blanket, I finally picked up my Angee socks again, and finished them pretty quickly! I am so pleased with them!

The pattern is Angee by Cookie A. The yarn is Little Skein in the Big Wool House Sock, in the Gotta Give Em Hope colorway. I picked it up at Stitches West in 2019. The rainbow speckles really tickle me, especially now, being stuck at home due to COVID AND fires.

Stay safe!


Last week I finished my huge granny square blanket! I connected the squares with single crochet with wrong sides together, then finished it off with a few rows of single crochet.

It’s BIG!

In other news, the garden is providing lots of beautiful tomatoes.

Yes, there are also a couple of over-ripe cucumbers! First time gardener issues….

And I’ve discovered this amazing vegan lemon poppyseed donut recipe! It’s from veganricha, who I follow on Instagram. She has fantastic recipes!

That’s all for now, but I’ve been doing lots of creating, so I’ll be back soon!

COVID project

I don’t know about you, but my motivation and creativity haven’t been gray these past few months. Craft-wise, I’ve only really felt like working on my granny square blanket. The focus on only one project has paid off, because I have all the squares crocheted together!

I had to stand on a chair to get it all in one shot!

I’m pleased with it, but I could have taken more time to arrange the squares to even out the colors a bit, and I wish I’d had some brighter greens to use.

Last night I started the border, and it really ties it together nicely!

Aside from this mega project, I keep myself busy in the garden and in the kitchen. I’ve canned pickles, jam, and relish so far. In the garden, my cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and flowers are flourishing. Peppers and eggplants are also looking good!

The kids and I have also been exploring outdoor swimming options around Portland- we’ve found some really fantastic places where we can distance ourselves from others and have a great time.

On a recent sunny day, the beach was much more crowded. On this day, we only saw two other parties. Win!

How have you been keeping sane these days?

I thought….

I thought I’d sworn not to make another blanket made up of small squares that I’d have to sew together, but….

Here we are! I’m trying to balance out the colors that are lacking so it’s more rainbow-like. With quarantine, BLM, and moving soon, crocheting squares is just what I need right now.

What have you been working on?

Quarantine sweater

During the Rose City Yarn Crawl, I picked up the yarn to knit a Weekender sweater. Well, I wound the yarn pretty quickly, but it took ages to learn the tubular cast on. In fact, I’m pretty sure it took longer to learn the cast on than to knit the whole sweater.

The fit is great, and I’ve been wearing it a ton!

Happy knitting!


We got bees! My husband has wanted to keep bees for a long time, and it was easy for me to get on board with the idea.

The nuc was ordered months ago, and the hives were picked up last week. On Sunday we installed the bees! My husband and I each installed a hive, so we could each get all the experience.

His and her hives

They are so fun to observe! I just love watching the workers return to the hives with full pollen baskets, then they waddle into the hives…. so cute.

I’m also knitting, of course. I’m making great progress on my Weekender sweater.

It’s maybe 9-10
inches so far, a pretty good start.

I hope you’re all doing ok with sheltering in place. It’s hard, but we’ll get through it.


I’ve been wanting to blog, but have also been kind of overwhelmed and down in the dumps about the current situation. So here I’ll do a little photo roundup of things that have been keeping me sane.

Exploring when possible!
Sewing masks and sharing them with people who need them!
Trying something new (sourdough)!
Recreating famous pieces of art!

Honestly, I feel lucky that I have so many things that I enjoy doing at home. There’s always something to do, and I’m never bored. I even learned a new knitting technique; the tubular cast on, so I finally have my Weekender pullover started, with yarn purchased during the Rose City Yarn Crawl. So, aside from some bickering and cabin fever, we’re doing ok. I am just extremely grateful that we’re riding this thing out in a house with a big yard, rather than in the apartment we had in SF with no outdoor space.

Hang in there, everyone!