Colorpalooza IV

Well! It’s been a good week for knitting! I finished the burgundy/gray colorwork hat, 

This hat is so perfect for the beach in San Francisco in summer..

Re-knit my Sanpo hat,

It FITS this time!

And made a mixed-up toddler version (including Sanpo, Magic Coffee Baby Hat, and a heart motif from Stitch n Bitch):

Hooray for Colorpalooza for the colorwork inspiration! 

Colorpalooza III

Well, I need a redo on my Sanpo hat. It’s so big…

Two needle sizes down should help, right? I have wanted this hat for so long- now that I can do the edge, I have to make it work! 

Today I started another colorwork hat, and it’s going well.

These are two kind of “wild card” yarns, because they’re both hand spun from a small flock of sheep in southern Oregon, and they tend to be thick/thin in places. So I wasn’t sure if they’d be great for colorwork, but they’re coming out fine.

I think this will make a nice, warm hat, which I need for this Northern California summer….

Colorpalooza II

After two false starts, I knitted my Sanpo hat up in a day!

After blocking, it’s a bit too roomy… I might need to knit myself a smaller one. I’m also not thrilled with the top- I’d like to go back and do the crown decreases as per the pattern. Also I like the true-ness of the colors I chose (because I can be a stickler for details!), but I also like the high contrast of the light gray with the black and wonder if I’d like the hat better with all light gray and black. Thoughts?

Colorpalooza-wise, I also whipped up a polka dot baby hat for a summer instructor of mine who is expecting. 

I only took this one blurry photo!

I also finished a bear tonight! Jackie Tyler!

And I finished my intensive teacher training today. I passed with high grades and lasting friendships, but am still seeking the right school placement for the Fall. Wish me luck! 🍀 

Good, bad.

We’ll, thanks to a YouTube tutorial, I figured out the braided rim for my Sanpo hat. Sadly, I casted on 120 stitches instead of 112, and have to rip back or frog. Sigh. I’ve lost all of today’s work.

At least I learned a new technique….?


A knitting friend had the idea to have a time period to focus on colorwork projects, and that time starts tomorrow! It’s called Colorpalooza, and I have ambitiously and probably foolishly prepared two projects for this!

The first is the Sanpo Hat:

I chose light gray for the MC, dark gray for Totoro, and black for the soot sprites.

  I’ve attempted the herringbone rim before, and couldn’t figure it out.  I thought I’d try again today, to have a good starting point for tomorrow, but it didn’t work.


I’ll try again tomorrow if I can…

My second project is So Faded:

I chose this Malabrigo set that Imagiknit had put together:

I know it’s not as radical as some of the projects for this pattern, but I think this palette is more aligned with my taste.  Maybe I’ll get the yarn wound and knit a swatch tomorrow!


Not much knitting has been going on here, due to all-day classes and studies.  Today I happened to be working on coursework next to Imagiknit, so I stopped in for a few minutes before my family picked me up. I got to see the amazing Pride Blanket knit by male knitters in San Francisco (I’m pretty sure I met some of them a few weeks ago!).

Inside, I was drawn to these gorgeous Freia yarns, and need to come up with some projects to justify buying some.

I’ll have a bear FO to show you tomorrow! 🐻 Good night!