Totoro FO!

You know those projects that have been in your Ravelry queue for years and you might never actually  get around to makng them?  Well! I finally got around to such a project!

I’ve wanted this Totoro bag for ages, and I actually don’t know what was holding me back, aside from the fact that crochet can hurt my wrist….

I found the soot sprite fabric on Spoonflower. I thought the susuwatari would be smaller, but since it’s just the lining, it’s ok.  I didn’t line the strap, but after wearing it for a few minutes with my phone inside, I think I’d better. It stretches out quite a bit!

The bag is supposed to have Totoro with ears, but I think he looks ok as is. Opinions?

100th bear!

This bear has been almost finished for a few weeks. I’d been putting off finishing her, maybe to delay the excitement of finishing my 100th bear for the Mother Bear Project.  Here’s Rory Williams!

40 & etc.

I turned 40! I’d been craving izakaya food, and my husband wanted to take me out for my birthday, so we ended up at Izakaya Sozai in the Sunset district of San Francisco. It was perfect! The food was really good, and we had a flight of sake which really made me nostalgic for my years living in Japan.

We had just enough time left (babysitter clock was ticking) to dash over to North Beach to have a bit of dessert at Caffe Trieste. Biscotti, rugulah, and baklava.

This is extra-special to us, because we first met at the Caffe Trieste in Berkeley. ❤️

40 feels ok! I’m tired due to a new job and all, but am trying to keep that creative spirit flowing! We had a kinder birthday today, and I whipped up a wee messenger bag for the birthday lass.


The lining is purple, and it’s reversible! I fudged the strap placement, because I thought the straps were too wide for the wee space.  I had to rip it out and finagle a ruched look.  

Hopefully I can perfect this, because I’m hoping to make some wee bags to wear around work when I don’t have a pocket for cell phone, etc.

Happy Saturday!!! 

Yarn chicken 2

I lost!! I ran out of the Exploding Peacock yarn with about 9 garter ridges of the last wedge left. After consulting my knitting group, I decided to finish it in the blue (wavy edge color). 

I think it’ll look fine. Having stayed up too late, I also had time to start the cables edging.

After working all those increasingly long rows, this part is fun and satisfying! 

Happy knitting!