I’ve had this pattern in my queue since 2013, and at my son’s urging, I’ve finally started crocheting it!  I’m about 3 days in.  The sewing up is quite a feat, especially since I didn’t have the right hook and I’m using a bigger one, which is yielding a larger Catbus…..


My toy Totoros fit nicely inside, so I think this size is just right.  Next up are the other side of the Catbus, 10 legs, a head, and other bits and pieces.  Thanksgiving break has been very well spent, if you ask me….

A box of bears

Over the Summer and Fall, I worked on a ton of stash-busting bears, but I was so preoccupied with work that they just piled up until finally, yesterday I made it to the post office to send them off.  But first, of course, a few photos!


Ramona Quimby:

ramona quimby

Christopher Robin:

christopher robin bear

Bears on Parade:

bear lineup

Box of Bears!:

box of bears

These are from my “Literary Bears” A-Z series, so these particular bears include The Count of Monte Cristo,  Fudge, Gilbert Blythe, Ichabod Crane, Jo March, Matilda Wormwood, Nancy Drew, Oliver Twist, Peekay, Ramona Quimby, and Christopher Robin.

Some, but not all are meant to resemble their namesakes.  I think that was what made this bunch a little harder to part with than usual.  In general, these characters were from books that were pretty special to me.   I’m sure they’ll be special to their new forever friends in Africa, so it’s all worth it.


Shawl (etc) Fall

The school year started out with my almost exclusively commuting across San Francisco by bus, which meant almost 2 hours of knitting a day.  As such, I’ve finished several bears, two shawls, an epic infinity scarf, and a sweater since the beginning of the school year.


Above is the “Can’t Stop the Signal” shawl with super nerdy yarns from Steven Be, both Firefly-related, of course.  The yarns are Wild Hare Fiber Studio Pinnacle Sock.  Cunning is the orange/red/yellow colorway, the blue one is Galaxy, which SPARKLES!


I wasn’t into the “faded” fad until I found this gradient set of Malabrigo yarns at Imagiknit.  I snapped it up and here’s my “So Faded!”  To me it looks like the different shades of the ocean on a sunny day.


THIS is a project I was very excited about!  This is Naki’s shawl from Black Panther.  From the moment I saw her in it on the big screen, I knew I wanted one for myself.   In the movie, she wears it kind of as a snood/wrap, but I’m not as wee as Lupita Nyong’o, so I can’t wear mine like that.  I might add some extra rows to make it drape better.  It feels a little bit bunched up around my neck.  I still love it, though!!!

blue whale

Last but not least is Steven West’s Blue Whale shawl knit in Tosh Pashmina in the Duchess colorway.  I planned for this project yeeeeeeeaaaaars ago, but got too confused by the garter tab, etc., to continue.  SO the yarn and pattern sat and sat until I recently decided to give it another go.  Of course, this many years later, the project was no problem at all, and it only took a few weeks of bus commute to finish.  The only snag was that the ball of yarn was diminishing rapidly, while the amount of knitting was still substantial.  Luckily, ONE knitter on Ravelry had this yarn/colorway for sale, and sent it to me within a couple of days, and I was able to finish!

This shawl was worth the wait!  It is so soft and drapes nicely.  I haven’t had just the right outfit to wear it to work, but with chilly weather (hopefully) approaching, I will before long.

Happy knitting!

Mickey Bear!

Today I was made aware by Amy of the Mother Bear Project that she’d spotted one of my Dr Who bears, Mickey, in the most recent group of photos.  Yay!

mickey bear

Actually, there have been a few other sightings recently that I forgot to share!  Here are Jackie Tyler (I made two of her by mistake, one of J, and one for T.  I guess I really like that character!), Sally Sparrow, Rose Tyler, and Liz Ten.

I’ve been working exclusively on a So Faded pullover, but it’s getting to be a bit much to handle for bus commuting, so I might have to start another bear!  Happy knitting!

Leftovers socks

These socks were started over a year ago on a trip to Connecticut. I finished them fairly quickly, aside from the afterthought heels, which stumped me because I couldn’t figure out the right yarn. I didn’t want the yellow/green or the dark blue…. son they hibernated for ages. On my way out the door to knit night this week, I grabbed some red leftover sock yarn, and asked my friends what they thought. The consensus was that the red would be awesome, so I went for it, and two days later, I had finished socks.

I’m happy with them!

Passage shawl

At Stitches West, I wasn’t really shopping for anything in particular, except that I thought a kit would be nice. It seems like my friends always find lovely kits there, but they escape my notice until it’s too late. So this time I had my eye out for one, but didn’t find the right one until I’d seen almost every booth in the marketplace. That’s when I saw the Passage Shawl on one of the owners of Heidi and Lana. I bought it right away, casted on a few days later, and about a month’s worth of bus commuting later, I have my FO.

I’m sooo tired here. I’m spending my spring break working on teacher credential work, so ….. I’m tired, and will be grateful when it’s all over.

And here’s my goofy photo bomber. He put quite a kink into this photo session, but we did our best. 😂

Today was my first *real* day of spring break- the only day so far that I didn’t do any work at all.

It was fantastic.

Stitches West 2018

This is about a month overdue- so much for timely blogging.

Sooooo I took my first day off last month, and spent it happily at Stitches West. I volunteered at the Mother Bear Project booth, then browsed old and new favorite booths with friends.

I dropped off Dickon, Anne with an E, and Huck Finn at the Mother Bear Project booth.  Bye-bye, bears!

Gorgeous crochet rainbow vest!

I ❤ this madman with a sweater.

The Steven Be booth is always a fave.  I didn’t buy anything here this year, but I showed off the shawl I made with yarns he helped me pick out last year. 

This shawl was gorgeous, although its wearer was camera-shy.

What a wall!

I love this dress, although I don’t think it would particularly flatter me.

There has been plenty of commute-knitting going on here, so I hope to update again soon.  I am on Spring Break this week, and although I have a LOT of work to do, I should be able to find some time to knit and write.