Catch up?

When you’ve slacked on blogging so long it’s hard to catch up…. Well, a little photo dump never hurt anyone, right? 😉

The saddest back to school sewing I’ve ever done. At least we have fun options, right?

In a nutshell! This summer I’ve sewn many new masks, knit two pairs of socks, visited Yellowstone, started spinning again(after fixing my wheel), did much gardening and canning, dyed some yarn, got new glasses, and took a new profile photo for social media.

I’m about to start a new job teaching Dual Language Immersion for third graders. So intense!

I hope you’ve had a great summer!!!


Last week my son’s school had a “costume day.” He wanted to be Venom of Marvel lore, and told me so a week before. Welllllll I forgot until the day before. So I did a quick google search, made a list, and after work, hit up a Goodwill, Dollar Tree, hardware store, and an art supply store on my way home. I came home with this:

Dinosaur masks, paint, spray paint, long-sleeved t-shirt, and black jeans (not pictured).

At 11:30 PM, I was done.

Typical me, I look at this and think of all the improvements I could have made, but then I remember that I had to wake up early for puppy and work, and I did the best I could with the time and resources I had. Besides! The boy was OVER THE MOON with this outfit.

I’ve promised him that if he’s Venom for Halloween, I’ll make some upgrades. So far, that’s the plan. I just LOVE these challenges- making fantastical costumes with few resources (the more repurposed, the better!!!), and with a time crunch, I think I do my best work. 😉

Happy crafting!

Baby blankie

A while ago, I scored some free green and lavender cotton yarn (among other yarns/notions/goodies) from my neighborhood Buy Nothing group, and it was *perfect* for the baby blanket I wanted to make for my niece’s new baby boy.

Thanks to many PDs and other Zoom meetings, I was able to crochet it up pretty quickly.

In progress

I made a point of only using each yarn once for each square, because man, that would have been too many ends to weave in. It was a lot of ends anyway, so I was fastidious about weaving them in as I went so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed at the end.

I did a very silly thing with this project. I was very keen to drop off the leftover yarns (because there were some full balls and I didn’t want to use them again) at a little free yarn library. Too keen. I dropped them off too soon, forgetting that I still had the border to do! 😆 So I did a simple applied I-cord, and guess what? I won the yarn 🐓 chicken game!

I won! Barely!

My niece was happy with the blanket, hats, and other things we added to the package once I finally got them sent off to her in Wisconsin.🤗

Ta da!

I’m pleased with this project, but I think the next time I crochet a blanket, it will be a chevron or other stripey pattern. I don’t love putting the squares together. On the other hand, it’s a great project for meetings or other times when your hands want to be busy while your brain has to pay attention to something else.

Happy crafting!

A little sewing

With warmer weather coming, I started wanting some cooler pants to wear in the garden. I can’t wear jeans when it’s very warm! So I bought a copy of Sonya Philip’s Pants No. 1 and some fabrics from Joann’s, and today after work I dug in! I was able to whip up one pair and a matching mask (😂) in little time.

I wanted pockets but! 1) I forgot. 2) when I remembered, I couldn’t really grasp Sonya’s pocket tutorial. For my next pair, I’ll add in the pocket from the Washi dress, which I really like.

I’ve been so busy in the garden, sowing, transplanting, hardening off, etc. and yesterday I built 3 trellises for my climbers.

This morning I spotted 3 ladies in the yard, taking a closer look at my beds. We’ve put so many in the property, including the front yard and Hellstrip, so we get a lot of attention thin from neighbors!

Happy crafting, gardening, etc!

Eventual update

No apologizing about not having blogged for ages, I’ll get right into things.

In January we bought our first house!! It’s a 1924 Tudor and it’s so charming. We’ve been busy transforming the front lawn into raised beds. This includes the Hellstrip, which we’ve filled with three beds which will be inhabited by flowers preferred by pollinators, hummingbirds, etc. No pics of the very muddy work we accomplished today in the rain. 😆

Of course I’m also busy with my seedlings inside, and I have a big variety of veggies and flowers started. We have very big hopes for the garden this year, since it’s out first year with our very own beds!

I even had to recruit our Girl Scout cookie booth table!

I’m crafting news, I’ve only been working on a crochet square blanket for my niece’s son, who is due at the end of March. Thanks to my son’s meddling (ie putting the squares into piles of the same type), I’m now working on making an even number of each type, which should give the blanket more of a pattern. Somehow I only have this picture of two squares. PS I got the yarn from my local Buy Nothing group! Join yours!

I’ve also started a new full-time teaching job, and have the best co-worker.

As a teacher, I’m lucky to now be fully vaccinated, so I can return to work in person as soon as plans are in place with the district. Gosh, that’ll be nice! Staring at black spaces on the computer and asking, “so-and-so, are you there?” can get kind of sad.

I’ll leave you with a cute kitty photo and hopes that you all are well!

When I stepped out the back door, I found this view when I turned to close the door. They are vigilant!

Stress mending

I don’t know about you, but Election Day and night dragged on forever for me. I told myself to mend a sock anytime I had the urge to check the news. By the end of the day I’d mended almost all my handknit socks.

I started out with my standard knitted patch, but it looked terrible so I experimented with weaving, duplicate stitch, and a very new-to-me concept of a crochet mend. This turned out to be my fave, because it looks like fancy doilies on my socks.

This has also been a reminder of some of the less fortunate yarn choices I made when I was new to sock knitting. The bottom two socks are very silky and beautiful, but have worn through a lot, especially the one on the right.

And the bottom left socks? Somehow I chose a needle that was too big so the socks are loosely knit and ended up as knee-highs, even though they weren’t meant to be.

Overall, it was a very productive day and keeping my mind on mending helped my mental state.

How are you faring in these uncertain days?

Bear sightings!

Over the past few days I’ve been gathering up the latest of my Mother Bear Project bears that had been packed in a few different spots when we moved, so I can send them off to MN before they head to Africa.

I believe these are the last ones to complete my 5th A-Z series of bears!

Before I could get them sent off, I received a few emails from Amy of the MBP with some pics of my bears with their new forever friends.

It’s always sweet to see the bears with their new friends. These two are from my Literary Bear series. First is Christopher Robin, followed by Matilda. Matilda even has a satchel to carry her library books!

Happy knitting!

Baby Yoda

Last spring I crocheted a Baby Yoda and his space pod for my nephew. I really wanted a Baby Yoda for myself, and over the past week I finally made time to make it!

This time I decided to also make his soup bowl. The buttons on the pod are a little off-center so maybe I’ll add one more to even it out.

The second everything was done, I took him outside (twice) to get some nice shots of him in nature.

This pattern is by Ami Amour on Ravelry. I love it because it’s free, very clear and detailed, and she has step by step videos for the entire pattern. This was super helpful for me, because my first attempt at the ear turned out crazy. But when I crocheted along to the video, it came out great.

I feel like a kid with a new toy, you know? When it’s brand new and they want it with them at all times. I want Baby Yoda to accompany me all around the house. 😆

Happy crafting!

Birthday and FO

Last week I celebrated my 43rd birthday! My husband really spoiled me with some knitting goodies!

He went to one of Portland’s loveliest yarn stores and treated me to a new swift, a candle, hand balm, a farming needle, sheep pin, wool soap, a necklace that doubles as a knitting needle gauge, the most darling scissors, and a gift card.

Aren’t these sweet? They’re also very sharp, which came in handy when I had to snip out some of my cross-stitch.

In my FO news, I finished the wording on my Godzilla cross-stitch last night, and today I washed and ironed it. I’m so pleased!

And this! I love silver jewelry, and pieces that are unique, so of course this is perfect.

Am I spoiled or what?

My plan is to stitch our house number over the door when we buy a house, to personalize it.

Happy crafting!

Almost caught up!

Yesterday and today I used my crafty time to recoup my progress on my Godzilla cross-stitch project. Today I reached the point where I’d been before ripping back, aside from the helicopter.

I’m glad I took the time to cut out the wrong colored stitches. I’m much happier with the correct color.

In other news, the trees are starting to change here in Portland! There are bursts of colors here and there.

After so many years in an area without very distinct seasons, I love it here where each season is so different.

Happy autumn!