Cast on!

With my Hitchhiker scarf done, I’m itching to start another quick-ish project. So I’m casting on a Duotone Cowl in Silky Wool and Tosh DK. 

My yarn storage boxes are really exploding with yarn, so I’d like to do a lot of stash-busting projects in the near future. I’m thinking charity hats and another big batch of bears! What do you knit to use up lots of random leftover yarns?

Quilt, startitis

Here is the Wee Boy’s multi-fandom quilt! 


As you can see, I could have been more precise in the back, but I like it! I feel kind of proud that I only used leftover fabrics and managed to make it work. :0. 

I learned a good lesson about evening the edges up before binding. Next time I’ll do that before I’ve pinned all the binding on.  Ugh.

We spent the afternoon up in Petaluma, where we walked/the kids biked around a lovely 2-mile path around/within a pond filled with geese, swans, killdeer, red-winged blackbirds, etc. It was really nice.


“hey, watch out for that big swan!”


no bench shall be left unexplored.


the Wee Girl received a birthday gift that was hardly put down for the rest of the day.


In knitting news, I’ve only had my blanket squares on the needles lately, and I’ve been itching to cast on new things but was at a loss as to what

Well, I remembered a technique I picked up from the Yarn Harlot a while back, so I employed it this evening: pair up your yarn patterns with corresponding yarn(s), put them together in a project bag (preferably wound into balls and including needles), so you have a project ready to grab any time. My result, after consulting my large binder of patterns and my stash:

Four almost ready to go projects! Yeah, they’re all scarves/shawlette/cowls, but that’s what I’ve been feeling like knitting lately.  I might have to start giving away more of my knitting if this trend continues.

And yes, I need to find a yarn to pair with the Silky Wool for the Duotone cowl. One search through the stash didn’t reveal an obvious choice, so I’ll have another go.

I forgot how fun this method is! Already I am remembering other pairings I could do right away; ie., having bought particular yarn for a specific project (I’m looking at you, Cardigan for Arwen + Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and you, Blue Whale + Tosh Pashmina!!).

Phew, that’s all for now! I’m ready to cast on for my Hitchhiker! (I love how 150g should yield 42 teeth!! I hope mine works out! I’ll keep my towel handy, for luck.)

Instant gratification sewing

Among the many, many things I’ve been wanting to make are napkins. We are strictly a cloth napkin household, and with messy eaters, we can go through our supply pretty quickly.

I decided on a couple of stash
fabrics to please the kids, and one to please me.




As you can see, they’re nothing fancy, just a double hem and simple straight stitching. We broke them in at dinner tonight and they worked just fine. ūüôā

This ‘n’ that

I hope you had a relaxing New Year’s Day! It was fine here, (but cold!!)and¬†we had a nice day visiting with a good friend.

Craft-wise, I have some updates!  Having kept the heat on my drying handspun, all day yesterday, it dried pretty quickly. Before washing:

And after:

It’s very squishy and soft, and looks nicer after washing, although it’s still very thick/thin. I wonder if it would be nice knit up in a simple garter cowl, after dyeing.

My trio of Magic Coffee Baby Hats is done! ¬†¬†(Pssst, the Wee Boy is the second baby pictured! ¬†He was a sweet little hat model….)

The rainbow one is my favorite, but weaving in all those ends was no treat.

With gift/deadline knitting done, I’ve picked up my neglected Monkey socks and took my Pop Blanket out of hibernation. ¬†I’m determined to finish these two languishing projects soon. ¬† But there is a big distraction looming! ¬†My sock KAL group is knitting a hat this time around, so I’ve been poking around in my stash for appropriate yarns. The pattern is called “Breaking the Waves,” so I thought grays and blues would be appropriate. ¬†¬†So far I have this:

But I likely have more possibilities in my stashРthis was pretty much just yarns I had  readily available. Apparently I have a thing for blue. Seriously, if you ever catch me looking at blue yarn, jab me with a knitting needle!!

Stash exchange shame

Tonight was my knitting group’s annual stash exchange, a party where we take our unwanted yarn, pile it on the table, and take turns choosing new-to-us yarns! It’s so much fun! The table starts out overflowing, but by the end it’s sparse. What isn’t chosen gets donated to charity. IMG_6691.JPG IMG_6693.JPG IMG_6692.JPG I was a little dismayed to find myself taking so much home when if promised myself to leave with less than I’d brought.

However, when I break it down, it’s completely reasonable! Bear yarn! Charity yarn doesn’t count toward the stash! IMG_6697.JPG Yarn I’d taken that no one wanted, so I took it home. IMG_6698-1 And that only leaves this! IMG_6700.JPG 3 sock yarns, one skein of bulky handspun, a few skeins of orange wool, and a huge amount of fiber for spinning. Totally reasonable, right?

I am especially motivated to knit this up. This yarn is what we call a Repeat Offender, meaning that it’s shown up at the stash exchange a time or two. This time I plan to ball it up soon and get it knitted up so it doesn’t make another appearance. :0 ¬† ¬† IMG_6701-0.JPG

Spinning the stash, full disclosure

Okay, so I only have three spinning projects to go until I reach my goal of spinning all of my spinning stash as of January 2014. However, I have stash that I’ve acquired since January, so that might have been misleading… This photo only represents the fiber left from what I owned at the very beginning of 2014.


In all honestly, I think I’m spinning so much in part because I really like the things I’ve purchased or someone destashed to me since January, but as a perfectionist I have to stick to what I said I’d do!

This is the stash I’ve acquired since the beginning of 2014.


Believe it or not, I only bought the two braids at the bottom. ¬†The rest was given to me in a destash or two by a friend. ¬†Looking at it all in one place, I realize I owe her several burritos, sets of stitch markers, project bags, a kidney etc…. ¬†It’s an awful lot of nice fiber, and it’s so colorful and inviting, I really have to finish my green and whites and get to this loveliness!!!

I think one of the fun things about someone destashing, or stash exchanges, is that you take and use things you might not have considered in the shops. ¬†You can see that the braids I bought at Stitches this year are pretty subdued in relation to the bright roving, but I love them all and look forward to spinning them and finding out what they’re destined to become!