New socks. Whose socks?

Hm, that title makes me think that I may have too much Dr. Seuss in my life. Nah, no such thing! 😂

Anyway, moving on…. tonight I am so pleased to announce that I have finally finished the socks requested by my husband back in….(runs off to check Ravelry) January! Maybe even earlier, because he chose the yarn from Webs, and it had to ship from Massachusetts, blah, blah. 

Here they are!

The pattern is Mr. Pitt’s socks (any Seinfeld fans out there catch the reference?) and the yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in color 4207, Salt and Pepper. As usual, I used Magic Loop, in order to have them done at the same time and be identical without having to take copious notes or think too much. 😜

With these off the needles, I’m itching to start a new pair for myself with this yarn:

This is the only yarn from Stash Exchange 2015 that I haven’t used yet, and my personal goal was to use all my stash exchange yarn (at least use some of each skein) by this year’s exchange. I’m cutting it close!  

I also have the personal goal of not  letting repeat offenders return to the stash exchange. So this skein really needs me to knit it up! I’m thinking toe-up to make the best use of the yardage, and simple stockinette so whatever pattern emerges (if any pattern emerges at all)  will show. Wish me luck!


Just under the wire, I fulfilled one last knitting-related goal for 2015- to learn to darn my handknit socks.

These 5 pairs will be back in regular rotation! 

They’ve needed darning for sooooo long!  They’re mostly from early-ish in my sock knitting career, and they’ve been out of commission for so long that it feels pretty nice to see them again. 

How did you do with your 2015 goals?

So close, and yet… Good night.

Tips for knitting with kids:

1. Take them to play somewhere you can  knit whilst supervising.

Bonus points if you can also sit down.

2. Let the kids watch a movie.

3. Leave phone in the other room.

And you might knit half a sock in only one afternoon/evening!

Considering how unscientific I was about dividing the yarn, I’m amazed at how identical these have turned out! Not 100%, but pretty good!


Today I made a little progress on my second Ziggy Plays Guitar sock. 

  It isn’t easy trying to match up Noro yarn, especially when you’ve taken out large sections.

I’m hoping they are pretty close, but obviously I’m a lover of handmade things and will still be happy if they aren’t. 😜

Today I also had the chance/reason to organize my drawer of hand knit socks, which is always a pleasure. 

I counted ten missing pairs, which are either in the mending pile or drying. I might have to start knitting socks for others…..

Half a FO

I finished my first Ziggy Plays Guitar sock!

I’ll have you know it’s quite tricky to satisfactorally photograph one’s own knit-clad foot, especially at night. It was interesting to note that I only used blues and purples in this skein of Noro, and I didn’t reach the red/orange at all. I suspect a small person may end up with a pair of stripey socks…

New sock II

Oops, didn’t hit “publish” last night, which explains my two posts in a row. I’m nearly at the heel! The changing colors really keep me going.  I only stopped because I need to  finish my spinning project.
Thankfully, the pattern calls for a short-row heel, so the rainbow-y gradation won’t be interrupted. My challenge was to start the heel before I reached the purple on the Noro, so the heel would stand out. 

What a fun knit! 

Crazy hat #5

A few minutes ago, I finished my Crazy Hat #5, made from a purple/gray crazy ball.  It’s fun to reminisce about the various yarns: the brim was a thrift store sweater I unravelled (9 years ago!), the light gray was one of my first hand spun yarns, the plum is leftover Mad Tosh from the Wee Girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, I have no idea about the purple, and the top was leftover from a Cairn hat.

Although this is Crazy Hat #5, it’s #7 overall in my hat knitting for the Larkin Street Youth Services.  I added two hats that I thought I had knitted for myself, but never, ever wear, that someone else might be happy to own.  This brings me to almost half of my goal of 15 hats in 2015!  I think I’ll take a break for a bit and cast on some different projects to spice things up.

I may not have mentioned this next project, because it’s not that interesting.  It’s a pair of socks for the Wee Girl.  This is stash exchange yarn, and I’m not that thrilled with it (it’s splitty, the color isn’t fantastic), which keeps me from wanting to work on these.  Therefore, they’re going pretty slowly!  She’ll be happy with them, though, and that keeps me going– slowly, slowly, but surely.

The sunsets in San Francisco have been lovely these days.  I saw so many different, amazing versions in my Facebook feed tonight that made me wish I had more of a western rather than northwestern view from my kitchen window!  Although seeing the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t that bad.  And check out that fog coming in! This view makes washing the dishes less painful, I’ll tell ya.

Monkeys and more

My Monkey socks are finished!



They took way too long! I do better when socks are KALs and therefore have deadlines!
Having finished the socks, I finally had (my own) permission to start a secret project which will reach the recipient late, due to its late start!!

For the super secret project, I casted on 396 stitches. I hope. It took quite a while, and while I knitted the first few rows, I quickly realized that a 24 inch circular needle isn’t enough to accommodate these stitches. Time to upgrade!

Monkey socks

Hooray, I’m past the heels and gussets on my Monkey socks! They’re going so fast now that the pattern is only on the top of the socks!


The soft striping on the soles makes me wish I’d done them completely in stockinette, but oh, well. I’ve put too much time into these to frog now!! The main goal with this yarn was to NOT have it go back to the stash exchange for the 3rd? 4th? time. It was more than ready to get made into something!!