Sachets, sachets, and more sachets 

This evening I worked steadily on the sachets I’m making for the Wee Girl’s classmates.  I used scraps from her class quilt, so that each kid will have a small part of the quilt they all worked so hard on. 


i’m pretty sure that stuffing them with lavender calmed me down and kept me from losing my temper all afternoon/evening!


21 sachets!!!


they’re all slightly or very different.


the backs are all the same, though.


There was still lots of fabric left, so I whipped up some lavender and flaxseed eye pillows for the teacher, assistant teacher, and the principal, who went out of her way at the fundraiser to tell me how much she loved the quilt.  I think she’ll enjoy having a small piece of it as well.


The end of year party is tomorrow, so I hope to pass these out at the end. I can’t wait to see the kids’ reactions! 

Best Sunday ever.

1. We saw Star Wars (A New Hope) in the theater! I made a new skirt for the occasion, and the kids dressed up, of course.


waiting around. yeah…. we went to the wrong theater at first because there are 2 within like 3 blocks and we chose the wrong one. still made it on time!


easy, easy cosplay!


2. The kids both mastered their pedal bikes (the wee boy just got his yesterday!), and there were dandelions.

those cheeks! those dimpled hands!

3. The husband and I went out! Without kids! At night! We saw the Kids in the Hall live and it was amazing. If you’ve never heard of them, check them out.  You won’t regret it.

photographic evidence


mark has just crushed his cast mates’ heads. if this means nothing to you….. go look up Head Crusher amd be prepared to giggle!

 Our weekends aren’t usually quite this epic, I’m still reeling from all the excitement!!!  How was your weekend?

I lied.

Remember last night when I signed off, off, saying that  I was going to watch a movie and knit? Well, I didn’t.

You see, I’d had a stealthy sewing project in mind, but I had to finish the quilt first.  Last night was the perfect chance to get at it! 

Remember the wee girl’s class quilt? Well, some of the kids were so sad that only one of them would end up with the quilt in the end, so I thought it’d be nice to make a little something with the leftover fabric- one for kid, so they’d each have a piece of the quilt in the end. I started by sewing small pieces of scrap fabric together. 

Then the smaller parts were sewn together until I had a nice big piece. I cut 5″x5″‘squares and eventually had…

21 squares pinned and ready to sew up:

The sewing of the squares  took much less time than preparing all the fabric. In the end, these will be sachets- next I’ll fill them with lavender, then sew them up! Part of the fun is that they’re all different! I think the kids will like them! 

Sneak peek

I finished my very special quilt tonight! I’ll just give you a few sneak peeks in case the recipient happens to see this blog.

I decided to sew diagonal lines across the squares instead of vertical lines like on my last quilt, or all-over quilting. I haven’t tried the all-over style yet- I’m intimidated by it, don’t know how that would work with my Singer Seventy, and also wonder if it takes forever? I need to maximize my craft time, so I go for simple/efficient when I need to. 

Here I was about to start pinning the binding.  

And here it’s all finished. If you look closely you can see that I didn’t bind by hand.  Honestly, I want my quilts to be used and loved, and I want them to last. I figure binding by machine is more durable, even if it isn’t as pretty as by hand. 

So that’s done, and with time to spare before it gets given away. It’s a relief to have it done, and I’m happy with it. 

Now for some movie knitting! Good night!

Almost a quilt

Bed times tonight  were reasonably early, and I was able to start the quilting on this cutie:

I should be able to finish within another few quilting sessions, but with kids, ….. There’s no telling how many days it may take to have the opportunity to sew….  So for now I will just be content with this progress and the knowledge that I’m not finishing this at the last minute. 🙂

This n that

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so the kids and I made him a healthy cake!

It’s vegan, no added fat, and it’s very tasty!

In crafty news, I’ve been working a lot on the Wee Girl’s class quilt.


Tonight I sewed the blocks into strips, along with some sashing. It’s coming along well.

Our sock knitting group is starting its next KAL, a linen stitch scarf. It’s meant to use lots of colors, so I gathered my sock yarn scraps to start planning…  The pattern is called Mini Mania.


I think grays with purples might be nice. What do you think?


Today when I dropped off the quilt squares that I zigzagged for the Wee Boy’s school auction, I noticed that there were still several bags of squares to be done. So I took another bag home. This is my favorite.

You see, most kids used one or two triangles or circles, but this kid went all out! What a fun quilt square!

Of course, that set me on a good course to continue on the Wee Boy’s quilt, and I managed to sew all the squares into strips this evening.

As you can probably tell, they haven’t been pressed yet, so of course they’ll look nicer later. But I think it’s turning out cute, or, as he says, “cool.”