Cute little FO

A few weeks ago (?) I started sewing a Japanese knot bag out of some cute fabric a friend gave me. I couldn’t get far at that time, due to kids and confusion with the pattern. But today I finished it!

I meant for it to be a project bag, but as soon as it was done, I was heading to the library and stuck my wallet, phone, and keys inside, instead of taking my big (and unnecessary) backpack. It was perfect! Here’s an awkward selfie to document the simultaneous use of handknit sweater, handknit socks, and handmade bag.

Also! Yesterday we went to the beach and the kids decided to wear their recently tie dyed shirts, so here they are in action.

And! My indigo-dyed yarn is finally dry- here’s what they look like.

I’m pleased! Hope you had a good weekend!

Hi there!

Ok, readers, I’m back!  My carpal tunnel has gotten loads better, due to rest, acupuncture, and very helpful Occupational Therapy with exercises/stretches/massage as homework.  Since I last wrote two months ago (!), I’ve managed to make lots of things, so this will be something of a photo dump.  I hope you don’t mind!

In sewing news: I made myself a Tardis skirt!  It’s this simple lined skirt by Robert Kauffman:  It’s great!  Easy, quick, free pattern!  I’ll totally make it again, but with pockets next time.

Baby sewing!  I made these rompers for my great niece (the awesomely chubby thighed baby) and for my cousin’s granddaughter, whose daddy is a big Batman fan, and I happened to have the right amount of Batman fabric for a romper and a reversible bib!



Then I made some eye masks for the Girl’s best friend and family, who just moved home to the UK.


In knitting news, I’ve made two hats for the Leethalknits mystery hat club.  These are Vanguard and Omnia.  The special increases on Omnia hurt my hands, so I switched to regular old kfb, and it was much better.  I also like the ridge that kfb made, as opposed to  the sloppy eyelets I was getting with the center double increases.

In bear knitting news, I’ve finished several new bears.  Last night I finished one more, which I haven’t been photographed yet.  I’ve finished up to the letter R (Rugen)and have started S (Saruman).

And I’ve had several bear sightings in Africa!  I might be missing a few since I haven’t been keeping up on here, but here are a few!  Kylo, Henrietta, Buttercup, and Gandalf.  You might notice that most are from my current journey through the alphabet, where I’m naming them for characters from my favorite movies, so I have to get more sent out!  I sent a box to Minneapolis last week, so I’m doing well with these.  It helps that the stockinette doesn’t irritate my hands/wrists.

I’ve also swatched for a new top, but haven’t started it yet due to a trip and my fallback knitting of bears.   This is a Berroco booklet I found at Imagiknit after falling in love with the knitted sample on display.13643714_1148590665192987_495343036_n

And of course, we’ve had lots of local adventures, mostly centered around getting the kids out in the trees.  We’ve played at Stow Lake, in the Presidio, many parks and playgrounds, the Exploratorium, and we’ve done lots of swimming at the pool….  Yesterday the kids and I came back from 3.5 days on the Lost Coast, which was gorgeous (all the pics below except the line of children at the SF Botanical Gardens).


Yep, we’ve been having some pretty good summer adventures.  Mostly our days are unstructured, aside from Thursdays and Saturdays, when the Girl has been playing baseball with the Junior Giants.   Yay, summer!  And yay for being recovered enough from Carpal Tunnel to be able to craft and blog again.  It’s nice to be back!

Wee sweater, modeled!

The Wee Boy’s sweater was finally dry today, and we had some nice outings that provided good backgrounds for FO photos.


botanical gardens in golden gate park


our favorite library

I thought it might be a tad fitted, but it turns out he has plenty of room to grow!

As a bonus, the Girl wore her Wonder Woman sweater, so I got a few good shots of it as well.


More magic coffee!

Today I had more than usual daytime knitting opportunities, so by the end of the day, I had a new Magic Coffee Baby Hat completed. 


knitting in Golden Gate Park

This was knit with bulky and worsted weight yarns, so it’s bigger than the sizes in the pattern.

I added a Pom Pom to make it a bit more big kid-like.

It’s been a fun challenge to use up very specific yarns on just this one pattern. I still have enough left for at least three or four  hats, I think. I’ve decided to forge ahead and use all this yarn for Magic Coffee Baby Hats. What I don’t send to family and friends, I’ll donate to organizations that are collecting handknits for refugees. 

many possibilities!

A hat, a sleeve, and Jack London 

Recently I found in my “Hiking in the Bay Area with Kids” book a short hike in the Jack London historic state park. I hadn’t known such a place existed! My husband was as interested as I was (we’d both read London books as children) so we decided to check it out at the next opportunity, which was today!

On the way there and back, I made a non-fussy Magic Coffee Baby hat. I cannot praise this pattern highly enough. If you need a quick, easy, great-fitting, free pattern for a baby hat, look no further!

Now, some pics of the park, the ruins of Jack London’s dream house, and the cottage where he lived and wrote books.

Wolf House burned down about a month before London and his wife were to move in.    

The cottage where London wrote novels and entertained guests.  

Apparently he tried raising cacti to feed cattle, unsuccessfully.

Back at home, I finished the first sleeve of my French Toast sweater.

It fits! I did the “continental purling” that a friend reminded me of. We went to a talk/book signing by Ysolda Teague a few years ago, where she’d mentioned it. Instead of wrapping the yarn as in a normal purl, you wrap it the opposite way. It worked! My purls are neater and much nicer. I’ll be reknitting the hem ribbing this way. 


A grand day out, and a ruffle

The kids and I spent a good portion of the day out exploring a new place, then an old favorite.  First, Fort Funston, which was new to us.

The warnings are scary!

But the views are fantastic.    
The tree climbing is also fantastic.


The colors! The textures!
After lunch and gingerbread cookie dough-making, we headed out again, this time to Stow Lake, where the kids enjoyed climbing trees and “tinkering.”


“the tangle of doom”

Our cookie results were pretty funny.


a friend of mine called them the Walking Bread. zombie decorating tomorrow!!!

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished 2 out of 3 secret projects, and have a decent start on the 3rd. Sneak peek:
I have much more than that done now, but this part has to be blocked before I continue. In the meantime, I’m working on a bear.
And how was your Saturday?


Living on the edge

This Honey Cowl is so near completion that I’m using my kitchen scale and computing how much more I can knit before binding off, and how much yarn to leave for the bind-off row.  Cutting it close is one of the things I love about knitting! Will it work? Will I have to frog? 

I have these two tiny balls left, but my weighing and calculating tell me that I’ll have more than enough to finish. Results tomorrow!

In other crafty news, I made some felt dryer balls and the kids and I embellished some with needle felting.

The swirl is my favorite. The boy wanted a face, so we have one creepy ball. 

It has been a verrrry long thanksgiving weekend for me. The kids don’t do well at home for long periods of time, so I have to come up with lots of outside entertainment, which I prefer to be cheap or free, since we require so much of it. Today we hit a new library and a new park/walk. The best part was that we ran into preschool friends at both places.😊 We made good choices!

Oh, we also dropped in at a firehouse. Firefighters are so nice to kids!

Happy weekend to you! Are you up to fun things?

Urban Epicurian Festival

Today I spent the greater part of the day working at the Urban Epicurian Festival at Fort Mason here in San Francisco. I’m pretty tired (also slept badly due to some neck and back problems, and the Wee Boy woke me up too early, so I’m extra tired! ), so here are some photos to show you some of my faves from the day.


I am *really* tempted by the Millennium Falcon necklace….

Or!!!! A Millenium Falcon CLOCK!!!!

How cute are these necklaces? Put a bird on it!

Fort Mason has a nice view of the Bay and the City.

Star Wars cloth buckets! STAR WARS EPISODE VII!!!!!! I’d better revisit Chibi’s booth tomorrow.

Art with dead flies!!!

Pretty awesome candles and other things.

This knitter asked about my cowl (Honey Cowl), I asked about her dress. HAND KNIT dress, y’all! We’re now friends on Ravelry, natch.


This venue is massive, and it’s filled to the gills. There’s so much to see and do and buy and eat and drink!

hee hee. #queen

I refrained from buying anything, but might get a few things tomorrow. I wonder if the same items will catch my eye?

Crazy hat #5

A few minutes ago, I finished my Crazy Hat #5, made from a purple/gray crazy ball.  It’s fun to reminisce about the various yarns: the brim was a thrift store sweater I unravelled (9 years ago!), the light gray was one of my first hand spun yarns, the plum is leftover Mad Tosh from the Wee Girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, I have no idea about the purple, and the top was leftover from a Cairn hat.

Although this is Crazy Hat #5, it’s #7 overall in my hat knitting for the Larkin Street Youth Services.  I added two hats that I thought I had knitted for myself, but never, ever wear, that someone else might be happy to own.  This brings me to almost half of my goal of 15 hats in 2015!  I think I’ll take a break for a bit and cast on some different projects to spice things up.

I may not have mentioned this next project, because it’s not that interesting.  It’s a pair of socks for the Wee Girl.  This is stash exchange yarn, and I’m not that thrilled with it (it’s splitty, the color isn’t fantastic), which keeps me from wanting to work on these.  Therefore, they’re going pretty slowly!  She’ll be happy with them, though, and that keeps me going– slowly, slowly, but surely.

The sunsets in San Francisco have been lovely these days.  I saw so many different, amazing versions in my Facebook feed tonight that made me wish I had more of a western rather than northwestern view from my kitchen window!  Although seeing the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t that bad.  And check out that fog coming in! This view makes washing the dishes less painful, I’ll tell ya.