Living on the edge

This Honey Cowl is so near completion that I’m using my kitchen scale and computing how much more I can knit before binding off, and how much yarn to leave for the bind-off row.  Cutting it close is one of the things I love about knitting! Will it work? Will I have to frog? 

I have these two tiny balls left, but my weighing and calculating tell me that I’ll have more than enough to finish. Results tomorrow!

In other crafty news, I made some felt dryer balls and the kids and I embellished some with needle felting.

The swirl is my favorite. The boy wanted a face, so we have one creepy ball. 

It has been a verrrry long thanksgiving weekend for me. The kids don’t do well at home for long periods of time, so I have to come up with lots of outside entertainment, which I prefer to be cheap or free, since we require so much of it. Today we hit a new library and a new park/walk. The best part was that we ran into preschool friends at both places.ūüėä We made good choices!

Oh, we also dropped in at a firehouse. Firefighters are so nice to kids!

Happy weekend to you! Are you up to fun things?

Randomly, on a Friday…

This afternoon I finally got around to hemming some jeans I bought on Cyber Monday. I’m not usually into buying things a certain way on specific days, but 40% off was a good deal and I desperately needed a new pair.

I think they turned out fine. At least I didn’t notice anyone staring or pointing, so that’s good.

Then, since I had my machine out, I finished up some ornaments the Wee Girl and I had started a few weeks back. They turned out cute but rather large. Next time I’d make them smaller, and not connect the pair of mittens. ¬†The pattern for the trees had buttons as ornaments, but my collection of buttons isn’t that cute, so I sewed on beads instead. ¬†I still have a penguin ornament that I prepared to sew, but it seems to have disappeared….


After school pick up and a short stint at a park, the kids and I hit Blick for some new watercolor paper and left with a bit more than that. Of course. I loved these paper dolls but didn’t get them. ¬†Maybe they’ll show up in my Christmas stocking….




I love the art supply store a little too much. ¬†There are so many things I’d love to buy or try out, but my time is so limited, and I have too many hobbies already. ¬†I guess it’s a good dilemma to have. ¬†After all, you will never, ever see me write that I’m bored!

After bed time, I started in on my new watercolor paper, just messing around a bit, and playing with ideas for holiday cards or nengajyo.

I used to draw and paint so much, but since having kids I have done so little. It feels so rusty, but nice to be back trying it out.

Crafting for the co-op, 2!

Tonight I finished my felt pictures for the Wee Boy’s preschool! I made felt story illustrations for “the Big Green Monster,” “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed,” and “The Napping House.” I’m pleased with the results, although I think in real life my dog would be too pudgy to walk!

In other news, the kids and I went apple picking in Sonoma with friends today! I hoped to take lots of interesting photos,
But I ended up forgetting my phone at my friend’s house, so I have none!! So here are two pics from Petaluma.


I hope you had a nice weekend too!

Crafting for the co-op

The Wee Boy goes to a co-op preschool, which means it’s heavy on parent involvement. (Understatement???) At the recent business meeting, I volunteered to a request for felt images for stories, you know those felt boards on which teachers use felt figures to tell stories? Well, I said I’d make ’em. A few days later, I got the assignment. I procrastinated, worried that they might be complex, even though the teacher’s note read “outlines are perfect!” Luckily they are easy stories/figures, and I’m almost done with two out of the three books I agreed to do.

IMG_5509.JPG As you can see, outlines are not perfect for my Virgo self, I have to do details!!! The girl will get a face, don’t worry!! ¬†Oops, and I see that one of the Big Green Monster’s ears snuck over to Ella Sarah’s hat.

They aren’t that much work, but this kind of work is best done when I’m at my best; morning or during nap. ¬†After bed time I’m so tired, mindless knitting or spinning are my best bets. ¬†My goal is to turn them in on Monday, but this is a full weekend with no naps at home scheduled, so we’ll see.