More wee socks, and other stuff

You know how things magically disappear sometimes? Well, one of the Wee Boy’s hand knit socks went MIA for a day, but turned up this morning. Phew! He is very happy with them, and was wearing just the one along with a mismatched commercial sock until I found the missing one. This morning I was able to get a couple of photos.

 Of course, he slipped on the linoleum almost immediately, so right before school, under his careful supervision, I applied puffy paint to the bottoms of his pair, as well as the Wee Girl’s.

I’m hoping that the girl doesn’t treat them as too precious as her dad does. He doesn’t want to wear his hand knit socks out, so he hardly wears them! I only say this because she took hers off to go into the kitchen, which was actually pretty clean!

After school today, we spent a refreshing few hours with a friend in the woods! The kids were mighty tired by the end, and so was mom.

 Early bed time tonight, because I’ll be working at the Urban Epicurean Fest (put on by friends of mine) all weekend! I’m looking forward to  spending an entire weekend doing something other than caring for the kids! Super bonus points for spending the weekend surrounded by local crafts, food, and drink!! If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, check it out at Fort Mason!  Entry is free, and there’s sure to be something for all tastes.

San Francisco Bazaar!!!

This morning the Wee Girl and I went down to San Francisco’s Fort Mason to attend San Francisco Bazaar, my favorite local (and free!) craft show.  It isn’t the kind of craft fair you might remember from your childhood, with doilies and cheesy stuff.  This is funky, cool, edgy, very San Francisco and very awesome!  If you are in the area, it’s really, really worth the effort to attend.

Some of my favorites this year:

Geeky neckties for your favorite fandom!  By Pepe and Ale,

Geeky neckties for your favorite fandom! By Pepe and Ale,


Beautiful rings!


I heart this!!!


soooo cute!


I love this idea!


These little guys!!!


Bowties ARE cool.


Upcycled potholders!


If I didn’t already have my soot sprite mug from 2 years ago….

IMG_7334 They have really neat items– from lovely inspirational quotes to the San Francisco skyline to slightly dirty jokes…. And the lad who talked to us was super nice and friendly.


Upcycled fingerless gloves! Really, really lovely!


Fantastic woodwork!


If only I could rock this look, it would be so handy!


Who doesn’t need an angry kitty tote bag??!!

The Girl was such a good sport while I looked at everything (it helped that lots of vendors have dishes of complimentary sweets for the taking, and that we had her friend and his family join us, and that there is just so much CUTE STUFF!).  My only regret is that I knew that Chibi had a Star Wars cloth bucket for sale and I didn’t buy it, and it sold after we had been there.  That’s the risk with hand-made/one of a kind!  You can’t just put it on your wish list, because it might not be available later!

Luckily the Wee Boy had a long, well-timed nap, so we were able to continue our mother/daughter time while ignoring housework.  Walking around amongst so much creativity and artistic talent, I left feeling as refreshed as if I’d spent the morning at the beach or in the woods.   With such a relaxing start, the kids behaved better than usual all day, I was much more patient than ususal… I declare it the best Sunday we’ve had since…. last year’s San Francisco Bazaar??