Halloween sneak peek 3

Thanks to some sage advice from a reader of this blog, I revisited the pleather I was working on the other night. I had given up on the sewing machine in favor of the hot glue gun, but the result was mediocre at best.  I undid a lot of the work and went back with needle and thread.

Of course this was the way to go! It took several hours, and I wouldn’t have been able to finish if the Wee Boy hadn’t taken a fluke nap (big fluke! He fell asleep in my arms!).  At the risk of giving away too much information (I haven’t told you my costume, right? But if you know me even a tiny bit, I bet you’ve guessed!), here’s my result:

I think I’ll add just a few more details, but I’m very happy with it! It fits well and it’s even comfortable–I wore it all through dinner (hmmm, did I just prove what a geek I am??), and it didn’t shift or break, so I think I have a winner! Yeah!

Halloween sneak peek 2

Today I had some frustration working with faux leather.

This is the back side- hemming didn’t work out, nor did just sewing the layers together with no finishing. The top layer tended to stretch, and the layers didn’t want to move forward in my sewing machine. I gave up and used my hot glue gun, but I’m not satisfied. Any ideas???

Felt is almost always good to me, however, and I was happy with my one last addition to the Wee Boy’s costume.


it’s upside down, though!

At least something worked out, right? 

Best Sunday ever.

1. We saw Star Wars (A New Hope) in the theater! I made a new skirt for the occasion, and the kids dressed up, of course.


waiting around. yeah…. we went to the wrong theater at first because there are 2 within like 3 blocks and we chose the wrong one. still made it on time!


easy, easy cosplay!


2. The kids both mastered their pedal bikes (the wee boy just got his yesterday!), and there were dandelions.

those cheeks! those dimpled hands!

3. The husband and I went out! Without kids! At night! We saw the Kids in the Hall live and it was amazing. If you’ve never heard of them, check them out.  You won’t regret it.

photographic evidence


mark has just crushed his cast mates’ heads. if this means nothing to you….. go look up Head Crusher amd be prepared to giggle!

 Our weekends aren’t usually quite this epic, I’m still reeling from all the excitement!!!  How was your weekend?

Halloween, part 5

This should be my last Halloween costume post until… Halloween (aside from pumpkin patches and various Halloween parties, etc!!!).  Today I was able to finish both kids’ costumes!

I had to hem the Wee Girl’s Alice in Wonderland dress:



Naturally, she wanted to put it on right away after school, which of course was super flattering to me.

Is the Cheshire Cat up this tree???

Is the Cheshire Cat up this tree???

Then I made cuffs for the Wee Boy’s Jessie shirt, and a long yarn braid to attach to the hat.  I roughly used Lasso the Moon’s tutorial on yarn braid-making: http://lassothemoon.typepad.com/lasso_the_moon/2012/10/toy-story-jessie-costume-tutorial.html  I attached the braid directly to the hat, however, since there were stitches to attach it to.

Braid and cuffs, done!

Braid and cuffs, done!

He loves them!!

He loves them!!

The two kids insisted on wearing the costumes out to the bagel shop and park, and who could blame them??  I’m very happy that they like them, and the fact that I spent so much time and effort on them makes me really enjoy them wearing them often and everywhere!  Halloween or not, costumes are awesome!  I have to come to terms with the fact that these costumes will have some wear and tear by the time we go trick-or-treating, but at the same time, it will make all my effort so worth it!

Snacking while staying in character-- tougher than it sounds.

Snacking while staying in character– tougher than it sounds.