15 hats!

Yesterday morning I finished my 15th hat for  Larkin Street Youth Services. My goal was 15 hats for 2015. It turned out to be pretty easy to churn these out- each hat only takes 1-2 days to knit.

The hats are distributed in December to homeless teens in San Francisco (this organization helps more than 3000 youth per year). Around 40% of homeless teens in the United States are LGBT. I have a special impulse to support LGBT causes, and I feel like this is an easy way to do so. A kid who’s going through a tough time during such a pivotal time of their life can receive a hand made hat (in addition to the support and services provided by this organization, which are amazing), and feel that someone cares for him or her- especially during the holiday season, which must be really rough for a homeless teenager. I hope these hats will spread some cheer and hope. 

Bear sighting!

My Robarge Bear has been sighted in South Africa!


In spite of the dubious expression, this child is most likely happy with his bear; we bear knitters been informed that 1)a lot of kids who receive bears haven’t had their photo taken before, and don’t know what to make of it, and 2) the kids don’t always understand that they get to keep the bears after the photo.  So some kids look excited or happy, while others might look confused or indifferent in the photos.

Tomorrow I should have two FOs to show you.  One is my latest bear (it’s nearly all knitted up, just needs stuffing and embroidery), and the Wee Girl’s socks!


A few nights ago, I started knitting a new charity hat, but it was looking too big so I frogged it.

I started again, using a different gray than I had originally used.  After a while, I started sneezing nonstop and my nose began to run.  

I realized that the yarn (reclaimed from a thrift shop sweater back in 2006?) hadn’t been washed since I bought it (and maybe not even then!  I don’t remember!).  As soon as I switched to the purple yarn, I was ok.  The offending yarn is currently taking a bath. 

What an inelegant reminder to always wash thrifted sweaters before reclaiming the yarn!!! Ah-choo!


We had three events today, which is a lot for our family on a Sunday.  

For this and that reason, I only have one photo for the day:


fun with friends in Japantown!

And one for the post-bedtime luxury hour:

This is my latest hat for the Larkin Street Youth Services. Inching closer to 15 hats in 2015… And stash busting to boot!

An evening, a hat

Tonight I had to attend a 2-hour meeting at the boy’s preschool, so I prepared a hat project to keep myself awake. During the meeting, I made it to the decreases, which I finished at home with 2001: A Slace Odyssey to entertain me.  Voila!

This is another for my pile of hats destined for homeless teens at the Larkin Street Youth Services. I’m moving towards my goal of 15 hats in 2015!

This n that

These days I’ve been working a little on my Trillian, a little on the Wee Girl’s socks, and also on a secret (Non-knitting)  project. Tonight my hand is hurting from the small needles of the first two projects I mentioned, so I went back toy current bear project.

Im using stash exchange yarns- somehow my friends always convince me to take lots of yarn “for bears.” I’m an easy sell, I guess, because I have quite a lot of bear yarn, in spite of the large number of bears I’ve made. 😁