Eventual update

No apologizing about not having blogged for ages, I’ll get right into things.

In January we bought our first house!! It’s a 1924 Tudor and it’s so charming. We’ve been busy transforming the front lawn into raised beds. This includes the Hellstrip, which we’ve filled with three beds which will be inhabited by flowers preferred by pollinators, hummingbirds, etc. No pics of the very muddy work we accomplished today in the rain. 😆

Of course I’m also busy with my seedlings inside, and I have a big variety of veggies and flowers started. We have very big hopes for the garden this year, since it’s out first year with our very own beds!

I even had to recruit our Girl Scout cookie booth table!

I’m crafting news, I’ve only been working on a crochet square blanket for my niece’s son, who is due at the end of March. Thanks to my son’s meddling (ie putting the squares into piles of the same type), I’m now working on making an even number of each type, which should give the blanket more of a pattern. Somehow I only have this picture of two squares. PS I got the yarn from my local Buy Nothing group! Join yours!

I’ve also started a new full-time teaching job, and have the best co-worker.

As a teacher, I’m lucky to now be fully vaccinated, so I can return to work in person as soon as plans are in place with the district. Gosh, that’ll be nice! Staring at black spaces on the computer and asking, “so-and-so, are you there?” can get kind of sad.

I’ll leave you with a cute kitty photo and hopes that you all are well!

When I stepped out the back door, I found this view when I turned to close the door. They are vigilant!