Baby Yoda

My kids’ schools decided to start spring break a week early, meaning their last day for March was today. We decided to keep them home today. It snowed, so we spent a lot of the day indoors.

I finished and sewed up the Baby Yoda I’ve been working on for a nephew’s 21st birthday. I think this was my first amigurumi in crochet, so there are a few bits that could have been better, but I think it’s pretty cute.

His hands aren’t quite the same….

Then my daughter went to a sleepover, so my son and I binge-watched whatever he chose, and I was able to make The Child’s pod as well.

Pardon the messy background. My son piles his things on this buffet instead of actually putting them away.

I think the nephew will love his gift, and I know I’ll make at least one for us as well. It’s a cute, fun, quick, and relatively easy pattern by Ami Amour. She’s on Instagram and Ravelry at the very least, and she has some really great patterns! Totoro, Pokémon, etc! Check her out!

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