Baby Yoda

My kids’ schools decided to start spring break a week early, meaning their last day for March was today. We decided to keep them home today. It snowed, so we spent a lot of the day indoors.

I finished and sewed up the Baby Yoda I’ve been working on for a nephew’s 21st birthday. I think this was my first amigurumi in crochet, so there are a few bits that could have been better, but I think it’s pretty cute.

His hands aren’t quite the same….

Then my daughter went to a sleepover, so my son and I binge-watched whatever he chose, and I was able to make The Child’s pod as well.

Pardon the messy background. My son piles his things on this buffet instead of actually putting them away.

I think the nephew will love his gift, and I know I’ll make at least one for us as well. It’s a cute, fun, quick, and relatively easy pattern by Ami Amour. She’s on Instagram and Ravelry at the very least, and she has some really great patterns! Totoro, Pokémon, etc! Check her out!


Mixed news! A vinegar soak did not stop my beautiful yarn from bleeding, but heating it on the stove with water and vinegar did. Unfortunately, it faded quite a bit from its original state.

At least I learned a lesson, eh?

Bleeding yarn!

Last year I picked up this pretty skein of yarn at Stitches West.

Last week I started knitting a cute little headband out of it.

I chose it for the blue specks which match my blue puffy coat.

It wasn’t long before I wondered why my fingernails looked so dirty! And my hands were turning purple!

I wash my hands OFTEN, and yet…!!!!

So the purple dye is rubbing off onto my hands. I would appreciate any advice on how to treat the FO so I don’t have a purple forehead!