Charizard is my Spirit Animal

For a few days, I’d been trying to come up with a decent digital rendition of Charizard.  It was harder than I expected!  (Some) other Pokemon are so much easier to draw!  Today I took my time, drew slowly, erased a LOT, and in the end, I was happy with my Charizard design!

Charizard is my spirit animal

I’m learning so much about Krita every time I sit down to design!  There are SO many tools and effects to play with; I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is.  My only problem with it is that I don’t always remember which tool/brush I had used to create a certain effect.  I suppose that will come with time……

This design is live in my shop!

Tomorrow I’ll have 1-2 exciting knitting updates to share!  Yay!

Happy creating!

Galactus, Snorlax

Oops, I’d left Silver Surfer out of my last design! Fixed it!

Today I drew up another idea I’d had for a while: Snorlax is my Spirit Animal.

I mean, this guy loves eating and seeping, but can hold his own in a battle! It’s my kind of Pokémon!

Happy Tuesday!

Galactus finds a gumball machine!

I am a big fan of silly, geeky humor.  A lot of the t-shirts I’m designing are based on comic book or anime characters in silly situations.  Today I made a new design with Galactus.

I had never heard of Galactus until my son became a big fan of Silver Surfer last summer and I heard lots and lots and lots about them both! The big takeaway with Galactus is that he is a devourer of planets. So….. I started to imagine him in different scenarios involving planets to eat. That’s how this idea of a young Galactus encountering a planet-filled gumball machine came about! I made a few sketches on paper, but it really came together when I messed around with it on Krita.

galactus gum


I am so tickled by this idea of a child Galactus encountering a gumball machine filled with planets!  I just hope he has a quarter!

Making the planets was the best part of this process!  I used all sorts of different tools in Krita to make them unique, and I think they turned out great.  My mom didn’t know what this design meant, so clearly you have to know a bit about Galactus to get it.  And that’s ok.

If you haven’t heard, for the past few months I’ve been designing t-shirts to sell on threadless!  Here’s the listing for Galactus Finds a Gumball Machine.

Happy drawing!


Since moving to Portland last summer, I hadn’t touched my spinning wheel. Here’s the last bobbin I spun in SF.

Maybe I wasn’t sure where I was in the progress of this braid of roving- maybe that kept me from it? Well, I took the wheel out of the closet today and this awaited me.

Ahhhh isn’t it pretty??? I spun while watching a movie with the kids, and before I knew it, I had this:

It looks like I spun more tightly on the second bobbin, but I imagine things will even out in the plying and washing.

It feels nice to pick up a project that hasn’t been loved in a while! Now I think I’ll see how much I can ply before I need to sleep. Note: I’ve always let the singles “rest,” but tonight I think I’ll throw caution to the wind and see what happens.

Happy crafting!

Design process

Since September or so, I’ve been drawing designs for t-shirts and accessories for sale on my shop ( It’s been a lot of fun and I love bringing my ideas into fruition.

A day or so ago, during a regularly-scheduled Portland winter rain, I thought of Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain,” and I thought of Totoro reveling in the raindrops making a loud noise on dad’s umbrella, and voila, a new idea was born.

I thought I’d share my design process with you today! Since buying an art tablet, I often skip the paper sketch, but today that’s where I started.

First I sketched a general idea of my layout:

Then I drew it on the tablet. I had to change the size of the bus stop sign to accommodate Totoro, and I used the “rotate image” feature to get the angle of his body just right. I had to draw the legs several times to get his left leg higher than the right so it would make sense to have it in the air.

I added color, then text:

Then I added raindrops. I decided to use the same color as the bus stop sign to keep the palette simple.

Finally, the design was ready for publishing on Threadless!

New Year

Happy new year! It’s been an interesting week for me, craft-wise. I’ve felt a little burned out from holiday crafting, so I’ve only been crocheting granny squares and mending clothing since Christmas. I think it’s due to wanting to start fresh, without mending hanging over my head and feeling overwhelmed by my overflowing yarn scrap basket. So here’s what I’ve been doing.

I love how the granny squares are snapshots of other projects. It’ll be akin to a memory quilt.

Mending-wise, I’ve done some socks and pants, but these are my faves so far!

My son had wee tears all over these pants, which are lined, so I decided to make patches. In most cases, I ironed a hem before sewing them down by hand. I also did a bit of quilting-like stitching for durability and so the fabric would stay in place. I LOVE these pants and wish they were mine!

I’ve been thinking about clothing and sustainability lately, and have come to the firm decision that mending is important to me. I want to mend our clothing until we have to replace things, and in that case, I want to head to the thrift stores instead of purchasing new (with some exceptions such as sneakers and underwear).

Craft wise, ideally I’ll work from stash as much as possible. That’s generally the case, but it beats repeating, if only to remind myself.

Other than those two ideas, my only other resolution-like thought for the year is to learn to double-knit!

What are your thoughts at the beginning of this new year?