Knitters’ gift exchange

Being a part of a knitting community is so awesome. There are so many benefits- social time, shared knowledge, problem-solving…. then there are special events!

My group in San Francisco has an annual stash exchange, which is so much fun! The group I feel closest to here in Portland has a Gift Exchange. It’s run like a white elephant, but with quality goods.

I didn’t expect to be able to attend (sadly, my husband’s work schedule isn’t conducive to knit nights), but I appealed to a nephew and he covered childcare so I could attend. Yay! It was so fun! I’ve experienced swaps where there’s lots of “stealing” and such intrigue, but this was some kind of blessed exchange in which people were magically getting items perfectly suited to them, no stealing needed!

I myself ended up with a cute, locally made bag, local vegan truffles, a stitch saver (interestingly, local to where I moved from), and reusable/metal straws. All very suitable for me, and there wasn’t a gift I felt like stealing. What a fun evening!

I should think about making a monthly or so deal with the nephews so I can attend knit night, eh? It’s so good for the soul.

Happy knitting!

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