Tweedy stripey!

Yay! I finished knitting the second sleeve of my Tweedy Stripey this morning, then knitted the collar this afternoon. I did so many changes to this sweater (gauge, smaller neckline, longer sleeves) that until it’s blocked and seamed, I’ll remain slightly nervous. But everything seems good, and I hope to seam and block in the morning! Here’s a sneak peak:

I was so worried I’d run out of purple, but there’s a sizable amount left. It’ll go into the scrap stash and most likely become part of a charity hat. My local library has a basket to donate hats, and from which people can take a hat if they need one. I like how they’ve cut out the middle person!

Happy knitting!


This sweater is a KAL with my SF knitting group! It’s been nice to keep my connection with them while I have only been able to make it to knit night a few times here in Portland.

The Tweedy-stripey pattern is easy and fun! I started a few weeks ago and am now on the first sleeve. I think I’m pretty close to knitting the sleeve edge! I just love how bright it is, and owe my husband a big thank you for steering me away from gray, dark gray, and black! These colors ought to keep me cheerful during the drizzling winter months of the Pacific Northwest.

In non-knitting news, we found a lovely hike in southern Washington today. I love how different it is from Northern California!

I hope you had a nice weekend too!

New endeavor!

Oh my goodness, where to start?   Biggest news first: we moved over the summer!  We left San Francisco after having been there for about 12 years, meaning I lived in the SF Bay Area for about 14-15 years.  We now live in Portland, Oregon, where we are closer to family, mountains, and so much green (in more ways than one, ha!).   Aaaaaaaaand we can live in a house with a yard versus squeezing the four of us into a 2-bedroom apartment with no outdoor space in SF.

Over the past two years I worked as an elementary school teacher, but I wasn’t able to secure a position here for this school year (I hear from teacher contacts that it’s a particularly hard year for new hires), so I’m subbing.   However, instead of taking subbing all that seriously, I’ve been working on some fun designs for my new shop on  My specialty is turning out to be designs based on Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli characters and ideas, but there are also random geeky or pop culture topics such as Godzilla, Galactus, Queen/cycling, and Stranger Things.  I am having so much fun with this that it shouldn’t be allowed!!!!  Please check it out! .

I will do a knitting update soon as well as an Important Event Update, as I have finished a few pairs of socks, a veritable shlanket (shawl + blanket), and a Calorimetry, and have started a new sweater.   I am seriously enjoying wearing my handknits here in the Pacific Northwest!

Happy knitting!