A vacation and a new sweater!

Hello there! I have a few things to share today! First, we took advantage of my spring break to spend a few days in Yosemite National Park- it was warm and gorgeous! I highly recommend a couple of days there!

About a week before the trip, I finished my Worsted Boxy sweater ! I thought it would be nice to get pics of it in Yosemite!

I also finally got some modeled shots of my Blue Whale shawl! I thought it might look neat layered over the purple sweater, but I’ve changed my mind!

It was a great short trip away from the city. We were even able to play in the snow up on Badger Pass, so there was plenty to keep the kids occupied! I have to spend the rest of my break doing serious things, so I’m extra glad that we managed to get away for a bit.

Happy knitting!

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