Stitches West 2019

Today I went to Stitches West with a friend, a friend of hers, and a friend of her friend. It turned out to be a great combination and we had a fantastic day. Here are some of my highlights:

Knits like these grabbed my attention all day!

In addition to having gorgeous yarns and samples, this booth also had these cool post-it-like pattern reminders you could take when you found something you liked. I predict this will be more widespread next year!

Mother Bear drop off!!!!

I love these rainbow braids!!!!


We caught a little bit of Steven Abe’s talk about shawls, color, etc!

These will become a Fine Your Fade! I’m very excited!

My coworker’s bestie owns this yarn shop in Pacifica- I haven’t been able to make it to the shop, so I was excited to meet her at stitches today!

The rest of my loot!

It was a super fun day! I’m pleased with my purchases and it was nice meeting new people!

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