Shawl (etc) Fall

The school year started out with my almost exclusively commuting across San Francisco by bus, which meant almost 2 hours of knitting a day.  As such, I’ve finished several bears, two shawls, an epic infinity scarf, and a sweater since the beginning of the school year.


Above is the “Can’t Stop the Signal” shawl with super nerdy yarns from Steven Be, both Firefly-related, of course.  The yarns are Wild Hare Fiber Studio Pinnacle Sock.  Cunning is the orange/red/yellow colorway, the blue one is Galaxy, which SPARKLES!


I wasn’t into the “faded” fad until I found this gradient set of Malabrigo yarns at Imagiknit.  I snapped it up and here’s my “So Faded!”  To me it looks like the different shades of the ocean on a sunny day.


THIS is a project I was very excited about!  This is Naki’s shawl from Black Panther.  From the moment I saw her in it on the big screen, I knew I wanted one for myself.   In the movie, she wears it kind of as a snood/wrap, but I’m not as wee as Lupita Nyong’o, so I can’t wear mine like that.  I might add some extra rows to make it drape better.  It feels a little bit bunched up around my neck.  I still love it, though!!!

blue whale

Last but not least is Steven West’s Blue Whale shawl knit in Tosh Pashmina in the Duchess colorway.  I planned for this project yeeeeeeeaaaaars ago, but got too confused by the garter tab, etc., to continue.  SO the yarn and pattern sat and sat until I recently decided to give it another go.  Of course, this many years later, the project was no problem at all, and it only took a few weeks of bus commute to finish.  The only snag was that the ball of yarn was diminishing rapidly, while the amount of knitting was still substantial.  Luckily, ONE knitter on Ravelry had this yarn/colorway for sale, and sent it to me within a couple of days, and I was able to finish!

This shawl was worth the wait!  It is so soft and drapes nicely.  I haven’t had just the right outfit to wear it to work, but with chilly weather (hopefully) approaching, I will before long.

Happy knitting!

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