Mickey Bear!

Today I was made aware by Amy of the Mother Bear Project that she’d spotted one of my Dr Who bears, Mickey, in the most recent group of photos.  Yay!

mickey bear

Actually, there have been a few other sightings recently that I forgot to share!  Here are Jackie Tyler (I made two of her by mistake, one of J, and one for T.  I guess I really like that character!), Sally Sparrow, Rose Tyler, and Liz Ten.

I’ve been working exclusively on a So Faded pullover, but it’s getting to be a bit much to handle for bus commuting, so I might have to start another bear!  Happy knitting!

Leftovers socks

These socks were started over a year ago on a trip to Connecticut. I finished them fairly quickly, aside from the afterthought heels, which stumped me because I couldn’t figure out the right yarn. I didn’t want the yellow/green or the dark blue…. son they hibernated for ages. On my way out the door to knit night this week, I grabbed some red leftover sock yarn, and asked my friends what they thought. The consensus was that the red would be awesome, so I went for it, and two days later, I had finished socks.

I’m happy with them!