Passage shawl

At Stitches West, I wasn’t really shopping for anything in particular, except that I thought a kit would be nice. It seems like my friends always find lovely kits there, but they escape my notice until it’s too late. So this time I had my eye out for one, but didn’t find the right one until I’d seen almost every booth in the marketplace. That’s when I saw the Passage Shawl on one of the owners of Heidi and Lana. I bought it right away, casted on a few days later, and about a month’s worth of bus commuting later, I have my FO.

I’m sooo tired here. I’m spending my spring break working on teacher credential work, so ….. I’m tired, and will be grateful when it’s all over.

And here’s my goofy photo bomber. He put quite a kink into this photo session, but we did our best. 😂

Today was my first *real* day of spring break- the only day so far that I didn’t do any work at all.

It was fantastic.

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