Too quiet

Well, things have been quiet on the blog, but not in real life. Teachers aren’t kidding when they say the first year is super crazy. I’d say that if you’re earning your credential during your first year, it’s even crazier.

Even so, because I’ve been commuting across the city by bus a lot, I’ve gotten plenty of knitting done! Here are a few examples:

I finished my Dr. Who named bears and started a new A-Z series, Literary Bears. I started with Algernon.

Babar was next. I didn’t start out with the intention that the bears would resemble their namesakes, but I was weak to the power of suggestion.

And the kids and I had a nice winter break in Wisconsin, where the temp barely surpassed 0 degrees F once.

Happy winter!

One thought on “Too quiet

  1. What a great winter holiday you had with the kids. I LOVE your bears. Crap, I forgot I have my kit and that I had wanted to start it during winter break. I’m going to STITCHES but on its Friday so I’m guessin’ you won’t be there? I have to finish my sweater as Susan B. Anderson will be there! And I’ll try to work on my bear.

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