Well, blogging is a different world now that I’m working full-time.  Thanks to commuting by bus about half of the time, I’m still managing to get plenty of knitting in, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

My Reyna Shawl is finally finished, blocked, edging undone and redone, and re-blocked!  This yarn, Plucky Feet, isn’t all that soft, but it’s resilient and squishy, and the resulting shawl should wear well.

reyna shawl

I also have a few bears to show, bears 101 and 102.

Atraxi bear!

atraxi bear

And Yeti bear!  My son called this one a zombie bear; maybe the neon green wasn’t the best choice.  yeti bear

I only have one bear left in my Dr. Who-themed alphabet.  Next up will be Literary Bears!  I already have my A-Z list completed, but might change it up as I see fit.

Happy knitting!