Colorpalooza II

After two false starts, I knitted my Sanpo hat up in a day!

After blocking, it’s a bit too roomy… I might need to knit myself a smaller one. I’m also not thrilled with the top- I’d like to go back and do the crown decreases as per the pattern. Also I like the true-ness of the colors I chose (because I can be a stickler for details!), but I also like the high contrast of the light gray with the black and wonder if I’d like the hat better with all light gray and black. Thoughts?

Colorpalooza-wise, I also whipped up a polka dot baby hat for a summer instructor of mine who is expecting. 

I only took this one blurry photo!

I also finished a bear tonight! Jackie Tyler!

And I finished my intensive teacher training today. I passed with high grades and lasting friendships, but am still seeking the right school placement for the Fall. Wish me luck! 🍀 

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