A knitting friend had the idea to have a time period to focus on colorwork projects, and that time starts tomorrow! It’s called Colorpalooza, and I have ambitiously and probably foolishly prepared two projects for this!

The first is the Sanpo Hat:

I chose light gray for the MC, dark gray for Totoro, and black for the soot sprites.

  I’ve attempted the herringbone rim before, and couldn’t figure it out.  I thought I’d try again today, to have a good starting point for tomorrow, but it didn’t work.


I’ll try again tomorrow if I can…

My second project is So Faded:

I chose this Malabrigo set that Imagiknit had put together:

I know it’s not as radical as some of the projects for this pattern, but I think this palette is more aligned with my taste.  Maybe I’ll get the yarn wound and knit a swatch tomorrow!

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