New bear & etc

My 98th bear is done! Meet U.N.I.T.

As you can tell, I’ve been focusing on using up those tiny balls of leftovers, resulting in pretty random color choices. 

I’ve also started a Doodler shawl for a more challenging Colorpalooza project: 

This week also also included lots of pretty views due to driving to and from sailing camp:

And whale watching at Fort Point!

That speck out in the distance is a whale! We saw about 6 this day!

And the week ended with us getting really excited about homemade baguettes!

It crackled for several minutes after taking it out of the oven! So cool!

The first batch came out so well that my husband whipped up another batch of dough while the kids and I were out this afternoon. The Wee Boy hugged me in gratitude for this bread! How much more highly can I recommmend the recipe?? 😂. It’s from the book The Homemade Vegan Pantry, which I’ve found to be a really excellent resource. 

I hope you’ve had a good week, too! ❤️

Colorpalooza IV

Well! It’s been a good week for knitting! I finished the burgundy/gray colorwork hat, 

This hat is so perfect for the beach in San Francisco in summer..

Re-knit my Sanpo hat,

It FITS this time!

And made a mixed-up toddler version (including Sanpo, Magic Coffee Baby Hat, and a heart motif from Stitch n Bitch):

Hooray for Colorpalooza for the colorwork inspiration! 

Colorpalooza III

Well, I need a redo on my Sanpo hat. It’s so big…

Two needle sizes down should help, right? I have wanted this hat for so long- now that I can do the edge, I have to make it work! 

Today I started another colorwork hat, and it’s going well.

These are two kind of “wild card” yarns, because they’re both hand spun from a small flock of sheep in southern Oregon, and they tend to be thick/thin in places. So I wasn’t sure if they’d be great for colorwork, but they’re coming out fine.

I think this will make a nice, warm hat, which I need for this Northern California summer….

Colorpalooza II

After two false starts, I knitted my Sanpo hat up in a day!

After blocking, it’s a bit too roomy… I might need to knit myself a smaller one. I’m also not thrilled with the top- I’d like to go back and do the crown decreases as per the pattern. Also I like the true-ness of the colors I chose (because I can be a stickler for details!), but I also like the high contrast of the light gray with the black and wonder if I’d like the hat better with all light gray and black. Thoughts?

Colorpalooza-wise, I also whipped up a polka dot baby hat for a summer instructor of mine who is expecting. 

I only took this one blurry photo!

I also finished a bear tonight! Jackie Tyler!

And I finished my intensive teacher training today. I passed with high grades and lasting friendships, but am still seeking the right school placement for the Fall. Wish me luck! 🍀 

Good, bad.

We’ll, thanks to a YouTube tutorial, I figured out the braided rim for my Sanpo hat. Sadly, I casted on 120 stitches instead of 112, and have to rip back or frog. Sigh. I’ve lost all of today’s work.

At least I learned a new technique….?


A knitting friend had the idea to have a time period to focus on colorwork projects, and that time starts tomorrow! It’s called Colorpalooza, and I have ambitiously and probably foolishly prepared two projects for this!

The first is the Sanpo Hat:

I chose light gray for the MC, dark gray for Totoro, and black for the soot sprites.

  I’ve attempted the herringbone rim before, and couldn’t figure it out.  I thought I’d try again today, to have a good starting point for tomorrow, but it didn’t work.


I’ll try again tomorrow if I can…

My second project is So Faded:

I chose this Malabrigo set that Imagiknit had put together:

I know it’s not as radical as some of the projects for this pattern, but I think this palette is more aligned with my taste.  Maybe I’ll get the yarn wound and knit a swatch tomorrow!