Not much knitting has been going on here, due to all-day classes and studies.  Today I happened to be working on coursework next to Imagiknit, so I stopped in for a few minutes before my family picked me up. I got to see the amazing Pride Blanket knit by male knitters in San Francisco (I’m pretty sure I met some of them a few weeks ago!).

Inside, I was drawn to these gorgeous Freia yarns, and need to come up with some projects to justify buying some.

I’ll have a bear FO to show you tomorrow! 🐻 Good night! 


It’s been a busy week, but I’ve had some bear news!   Orlando has been spotted in Africa!

orlando bear

Liz Ten got a heart sewn on! (She’s far right in the top right photo)

liz ten

And I finished knitting Rose (as in Rose Tyler).

rose tyler

In spite of being home alone for the week, I’m super tired because of classes, coursework, new early schedule, a bus commute, and starting today, fieldwork!  I was charged with teaching a short reading lesson tomorrow morning– I decided to try Fantastic Mr. Fox out on the kids, wish me luck!

Wonder Woman! 

Today a friend and I went to see Wonder Woman!

It was great! 

New shirt from etsy for the occasion

Bonus: there were some freebies at the comic book store, and we found a machine selling female superhero nail thingies. 

I’m considering seeing this in the theater again soon- it was really, really good. 

Flax sweater, modeled

The other evening I was able to get the Girl to take a walk to the corner mailbox with me, with the ulterior motive of having her take some photos of my Flax sweater in some nice outdoor lighting.  I think she took some great pictures!

This week, as the next several, I’m neck-deep in my teacher credentialing program, so knitting has been a rare and treasured activity.

My husband and kids are in Portland for the week, and although the quiet is nice while I ease into this intensive program, I’m kind of jealous of their outdoor activities!

Until next time!