Craft day, cooking day

Yesterday I somehow managed to get in a lot of sewing time! I mended three pairs of jeans, two shirts, and a jumper. 

I sewed four lavender eye pillows and a pair of pajama pants.  I’ve made these pajama pants before, but this time I added two inches of length at the top, which makes them much more comfortable. It’s an old McCalls pattern I bought at SCRAP a while back. Tried and true!

Today, on the other hand, was all about cooking and baking.

I made (all vegan recipes here) cranberry-orange muffins, apple -cinnamon donuts, lemon poppyseed muffins, and apple/pear crisp.  (Recipes from Happy Herbivore, Southern-in-law, Big Vegan, and Oh She Glows.  There was also orzo salad, and Lentil Joes. 

Phew! I’m glad to be out of the kitchen!  I cooked so much partly because I was hungry, but also because I’m starting a new schedule this week which will have me out of the house early and having muffins and other such easy-to-take-along foods will come in handy.  I ran out of energy to make granola bars, but I have some focaccia dough rising overnight… 😜

Flax sweater!

Tonight I finished my Flax sweater! The poor thing was laid aside for a few months while I studied for tests and favored non-fiddly knits (the pattern isn’t fiddly, but I alternated skeins, which is fiddly on sleeves!).  I couldn’t resist one just-finished selfie:

The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in the color “Tardish.”  The pattern is Flax by Tincanknits. 

Go, Bears!

I’ve been on a serious bear kick lately. A day or so ago, I finished Ood Bear (my 92nd). I made the dress by doubling leftover sock yarns; one gray, one sparkly gray and purple. The maroon yarn is leftover from the Wee Boy’s Dr Who Halloween scarf. 

And here she is with 5 other recent bears, ready to get packed up and shipped to Minnesota!

As you can see, I’ve started making them a little shorter lately. I think they’re cute that way. 🐻 

Too excited

Yesterday I took the Spanish C-set Subtest III at 8am.  😴–>☕️–>😳📚✏️The test location was in a pretty picturesque part of San Francisco, so I took my just-blocked Ishbel shawl along in case I had time afterwards for a photo shoot.  

Well, I had time and was so excited at having finished the test (I think I passed!) that I went overboard and took too many photos. It was also a nice trip down memory lane, as the walk I took was up the Filbert Street stairs to Coit Tower, a walk I took about 8.5 years ago with a good friend and the Girl when she was the Wee Girl of about nine months of age.

Then I walked down to Washington Square Park, where it was too windy for knitty selfies.

I’m so happy with this shawl- it’s just what I wanted- a neutral accessory that will match everything, and it was an interesting (and challenging, because of my silly mistakes) knit, AND the yarn feels very nice on my neck. Win win win win! 👍

Nyssa Bear

Here’s my most recent bear, Nyssa! 

I’m very happy to share that I’ve overcome my troubles with my Ishbel Shawl and am close to finishing! 

If it goes well, I may finish it tonight! 

DIY Moana

Yesterday a friend mentioned that she and her daughter might attend the Moana singalong today at the Castro Theater. I thought that sounded pretty great, so after dinner last night, I got to work on outfits for me and the kids. I managed to make everything from materials I had in my craft supplies, etc. I didn’t spend a penny!

I started with Moana’s flower crown. I cut leaves and flowers, hot-glued them into some elastic, and added details with puffy paint.

Next was Moana’s top and belt. I trimmed and hemmed a red scarf (left over from our Dr. Who Halloween!).  Then I painted the prints and sewed beads on to stand in for the shells.

First I sewed Velcro along the back edges, but it was too saggy so I inserted elastic into the top casing. The skirt is a white scarf from Goodwill- it had been intended for a costume in the past but we had ended up not needing it. Lucky!

The Boy was going to be Maui, and I sewed him a leaf skirt last night, but he changed his mind to be Hei Hei. O-kaaaaay, so I improvised his costume with felt, elastic, hot glue, and face paint.  The head piece was the most challenging part, but I ended up using a stiff piece of felt, curved the bottom to match the curve of his head, and sewed it onto a piece of elastic.  I cut out chicken feet and talons and pinned them onto his jeans.  There were very few Hei Heis at the singalong, so he got plenty of attention.

I tried to channel Moana’s grandmother with her hairstyle and basic fashion, with a flower made of felt and a sarong I bought in Bali years ago.

Voila! Last-minute DIY Moana and friends!