Prezzie reveal

Over the past few months, I’ve shared glimpses of a quilting project I’d been working on, but never quite showed what exactly I was making.   Now that the recipient has the object in question, I can show you! 

It’s a baby quilt I improvised using a package of jelly roll strips that I bought in Petaluma a few years ago.

The backing is a cute yellow flower/white background  fabric that a friend gave me as a souvenir from Japan. I pieced jelly roll strips for the binding because I didn’t have a coordinating fabric in my stash and wanted to make the strips go as far as possible! #stashbust 

The funny thing about this is that when I bought the fabric, all I could see was a deer fabric through the cellophane window of the package. I thought it was full of cute woodland prints. When I opened it, I found out that they were cows, not deer, and the rest were mostly dairy-related fabrics. So I thought it was perfect for my new niece who was recently born to my brother and sister-in-law in Wisconsin.  ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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