Change of pace

My knitting WIPs are getting plenty of attention, but this weekend I decided to squeeze in some sewing.

I’m using a “scrap bag” of Moda fabrics I bought a few years ago.  All I could see through the small window of the bag was the white fabric with cows on it. I had thought they were deer (crazy, right? I look at fabrics more closely these days), so I imagined the bag would be full of cute, quirky woodland-themed fabrics, but I got dairy-themed ones!

I was making decent progress today until my iron suddenly made a popping noise, then a burning smell, and I realized that the cord had broken/melted(?) in half, and the iron was history. 

As long as I remember to buy a new iron tomorrow, this should be a quick project!   


My WIPs aren’t that exciting right now, and 2/3 of them happen to be dark projects that don’t photograph well at night. Today I was lucky enough to have some free time to take pictures with good lighting, so here’s a WIP update!

My Time Traveller socks are coming along fine. I can probably start the heels soon.

After I took the following photo, I started the vine lace pattern on my Ishbel shawl. So far, so good.

And here’s my Flax sweater. It’s such a simple pattern, but for this busy yarn, I think it’s a good choice. The stockinette is so easy I even knitted during a Parent Ed meeting  last night, during which we watched a video with the lights turned off.  

And my fourth WIP, the Project Peace cowl, well, I frogged it a few days ago.  I found it boring and it hurt my hands, so I didn’t  think it was worth it.  

Happy knitting!