On Tuesday I frogged my Julissa pullover, because the yarn was too variegated for the beautiful cable and lace design. I happened to have the right gauge for another sweater I was interested in, so I casted on right away. Here’s my Flax pullover just after I finished the neckline ribbing:

Instead of k1p1, I did k1tbl, p1. My k1p1 is sloppy, so this neatened it up.  

I’d really like to wear this to Stitches West in a few weeks, but I know that might be a stretch. It’s mostly stockinette though, so….. ? 

Time Traveller socks 

A while ago, I became aware that Knit Picks (finally) had Felici sock yarn in the Time Traveller colorway. I happened to be at the park at the time, so I texted my husband to please order two skeins for me. He texted back, “I got four.” (Yesssss!)

Well, I finally got around to casting on some socks!

I tried to start at the same point in the yarn to make them identical but there’s a slight difference. It looks like it evens out, but I’m ok with fraternal socks if that’s what I get. 

I ❤️ geeky yarn!