Stitches West 2017

It was fun!

First I spent some time volunteering in the Mother Bear Project booth.

I saw one of my first knitting friends, whom I hadn’t seen for about 9 years!

And I did some shopping and especially enjoyed Steven Be’s booth.

Steven Be!

Aside from this loot, I also bought some mauve Miss Babs Yowza, which I haven’t photographed yet.

I’ve gone to Stitches for about six years in a row now, but I’m not getting tired of it. I especially like volunteering, so it’s not all about the shopping. 😁

Rainbow bears, rainbow unicorn

Done and done!

Last night I finished my rainbow unicorn hat, and this morning the Wee Boy and I took some photos.

I think the mane is pretty awesome! I spent a good amount of time last night trimming the ends to 4″.

One of the parents in charge of the auction is pretty enamored of it, and thinks there will be a bidding war for this guy. I hope so!

Just pretending to be grumpy!

With the rainbow theme, I have three rainbow bears to deliver to the Mother Bear Project at Stitches West tomorrow.


Unicorns I love them….

I love this spiral! I would crochet so much more if I could do it without painful results. As it is, I’m risking it…. but it’s so fast, and great for structured items, like the unicorn hat this will be!  It’s my last installment for our preschool auction, and I think it’ll be really cute.

One day, one hat

One nice thing (among so many) about a friendly, co-op preschool is that families can get really close and have no trouble sharing their problems or feelings, or reminding you that you are late with your auction contribution. (Cough, cough, blush). 😳

Yep, a play date yesterday spurred me into action. I finally turned in the cowl I knitted a while ago …

And today I quickly crocheted a cute little owl hat.


Rainbow bear #2

Last night I finished my second rainbow bear to take to Stitches. Meet Captain Jack Harkness, named for the smart, sassy character played by John Scott Barrowman in Dr. Who. 

The hoodie is so fun to knit- it’s a nice change from the scarf, and uses up a good deal of yarn (stashbusting!). 

I started another rainbow bear right away, because we can drop off up to three bears at the Mother Bear Project booth at Stitches. Thanks to our recent stash exchange, I have plenty of rainbow yarn. 🌈 


Today the new Batman Lego movie came out, and as the Wee Boy is a huuuuuuge fan, we decided to go see it right away!  I didn’t think ahead about preparing something fun to wear for it, but luckily I had felt and about 30 minutes.

I found this pattern online- but instead of  craft foam, I machine-sewed together two layers of craft felt, because that’s what I had on hand. It worked just fine- the ears stand up and because I did edge stitching, it should hold up okay.  I made one mask per kid. Also- I enlarged the template about 160%, if I remember correctly.  Black elastic would have been cooler, but again, I happened to have white, so it had to suffice.

The Boy wore all the Batman gear he could come up with, then I added the cape (from his Darth Vader costume two Halloweens ago). He looks serious here, but he had the best time!

The movie was good! I’ll confess, though, that after waking up at 6:30, food and kid prep, morning school traffic duty, school drop-offs, my weekly volunteer gig, school pickups, grocery shopping, last-minute crafting, etc., I was pretty tired and actually slept on and off for a while during the middle.

Shhh, don’t tell the kids, and also please cross your fingers that they don’t ask me too many questions about the movie… 😉


On Tuesday I frogged my Julissa pullover, because the yarn was too variegated for the beautiful cable and lace design. I happened to have the right gauge for another sweater I was interested in, so I casted on right away. Here’s my Flax pullover just after I finished the neckline ribbing:

Instead of k1p1, I did k1tbl, p1. My k1p1 is sloppy, so this neatened it up.  

I’d really like to wear this to Stitches West in a few weeks, but I know that might be a stretch. It’s mostly stockinette though, so….. ? 

Time Traveller socks 

A while ago, I became aware that Knit Picks (finally) had Felici sock yarn in the Time Traveller colorway. I happened to be at the park at the time, so I texted my husband to please order two skeins for me. He texted back, “I got four.” (Yesssss!)

Well, I finally got around to casting on some socks!

I tried to start at the same point in the yarn to make them identical but there’s a slight difference. It looks like it evens out, but I’m ok with fraternal socks if that’s what I get. 

I ❤️ geeky yarn!