Stash exchange/true confessions

Yesterday, after a very rainy soccer playoff match (the Girl and her team did great but did not advance), I attended my knitting group’s annual stash exchange!

I ended up taking home about the same amount of goods as I had brought, but most went into fabric or bear yarn stash, so basic yarn-wise, I came out ahead. Here’s a bit of my booty:

Bulky cowl for school fundraiser?!

I’m thinking entrelac!

Bedspread for the Girl!

Cute stuff!!!!!

I was feeling good about not having taken too much home when a mom friend from preschool put out the word that she needed yarn for a parent-led activity. I snagged some of the leftover yarns from stash exchange for her today and ended up with a bit more bear yarn for myself:

Bears for YEARS!

It was a good time, and I’m excited to knit and sew up my new acquisitions! 

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