Before and after, and after

Four years ago, the Girl chose some of my handspun (which I combined with complimentary commercial yarn)for me to knit her a Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. 

It was pretty cute, but unfortunately, it was tossed into a bag of wet tidepooling clothes and snuck into the laundry, where it was felted.  

It sad sadly until yesterday, when I turned it into a pussyhat and reclaimed the handspun (which did NOt felt), and the buttons. 

The arms might be made into leg warmers for the Girl, so she can have a souvenir of the sweater, and we won’t waste the materials! 

There’s a lesson here somewhere, aside from the obvious *don’t machine wash your hand knit sweaters unless they’re 100% super wash*. Something like waiting for the purpose of something to present itself to you at the right time?  Having the patience to rescue precious handspun from clingy felted O-wool?  At any rate, I’m glad I never tossed the sweater out, and that I finally figured out a use or two for it.

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