Something new

Yesterday I finished two separate knitting projects, yay! 

One is a  kitty trio, knit in super soft malabrigo merino worsted. I only have this pic of the Girl modeling the child-sized one:

The other is still a secret until it’s arrived at its mid western destination.

Since my “comfort zone knitter”‘post, I’ve been thinking about doing more challenging knitting.  Almost seven years ago, I printed out the pattern for Quant, an entrelac headband.  I tried starting it once, but I didn’t get far. The pattern has been in my big binder since then. 

Well, today I decided to give Quant another chance. I grabbed some Noro Kama from stash and started. It didn’t look good at first.

But not long after that photo was taken, things started looking up:

This entrelac business isn’t as hard as I thought, and I don’t actually need a row counter or even a stitch marker.   I’m so glad I gave this another go! Hooray for trying new things! 

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