Photo shoot

Today we went on a hike on the western side of Mount Tamalpais. It was a great day for it! Although many parts of the SF Bay Area had had frost early in the day, it wasn’t too cold up there by 2:00 or so.

I took along the just-Pom Pom-ed Wherever it Points hat, in case we had a good moment for a few photos. The opportunity came, and we took it!

I’m not sure why I was so slouchy, maybe I was worried that the kids would tumble down the mountain and into the Pacific. (They didn’t.) 

While I was concerned that the Pom Pom might be too big, the Wee Boy assured me that the hat is “beautiful!” and that his teacher will love it. (In all honesty, I’d forgotten that I had various sizes of Pom Pom makers, and just went with the first one I found, which happened to be the Ginormous size!)

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