Comfort zone knitting

This week I started the hat for the Girl’s teacher. Before long (like in a day and a half) I had this:

This is fun! When I knit colorwork, I always wonder why I don’t do more of it- it’s fun, it’s not that hard, and it’s kind of quick! 

As of two minutes ago, I have this:

It hasn’t taken much longer than a plain, stockinette or ribbed hat, but the results are much more exciting. 

Pondering on my reluctance to do colorwork or other more involved knitting techniques (I’m looking at you, Brioche!), I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a Comfort Zone Knitter. I knit constantly, I knit prolifically, but I tend to knit simply, within my comfort zone. I don’t often try new things that require research or YouTube tutorials.  I tend to knit things that I already know how to knit.  This is why I knit bears and hats when I don’t know what else to knit. I hesitate to to try things that are harder. I know this is partly because I don’t have all that much time to research and watch tutorials, etc.,with 24/7 childcare being my occupation,  but even with my time restraints, I could try harder. 

So I think a big goal of mine for 2017 will be challenging myself as a knitter- trying very specific new things- tricky stitches or techniques, nupps, steeks, brioche,  colorwork , lace, etc.   I’ve spent too long in the Comfort Zone.

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