Project Peace 

A little late to the party, but I’ve finally started my Project Peace cowl. I’m using handspun that never made it into either my notes or handspun stash on Ravelry, so I’m not sure what it is or even how much I have.  It could be Wonderland Dyeworks….
But I think it’ll be enough for a decent-sized cowl. 

Because I’m in the mood to try new things, I’m going with an I-cord cast-on and bind-off. It is slow going!

I’ve been casting on since last night (ok, not continuously, but still!), and I’m still not up to 318 stitches. Stopping to blog about I doesn’t help my progress, so good night! 😜😘


Quant—>finished, with only a tiny bit of yarn left over. I’m finding it’s really interesting to see how my entrelac skills have improved since I started just yesterday!  You can see where I accidentally picked up stitches knitwise instead of  purlwise, etc., and how this is just generally neater toward the end.

I decided to put a buttonhole instead of the i cord ties, and it’s a good thing I did! I wouldn’t have had enough of the Noro Kama for ties.

Friends, entrelac is FUN

Something new

Yesterday I finished two separate knitting projects, yay! 

One is a  kitty trio, knit in super soft malabrigo merino worsted. I only have this pic of the Girl modeling the child-sized one:

The other is still a secret until it’s arrived at its mid western destination.

Since my “comfort zone knitter”‘post, I’ve been thinking about doing more challenging knitting.  Almost seven years ago, I printed out the pattern for Quant, an entrelac headband.  I tried starting it once, but I didn’t get far. The pattern has been in my big binder since then. 

Well, today I decided to give Quant another chance. I grabbed some Noro Kama from stash and started. It didn’t look good at first.

But not long after that photo was taken, things started looking up:

This entrelac business isn’t as hard as I thought, and I don’t actually need a row counter or even a stitch marker.   I’m so glad I gave this another go! Hooray for trying new things! 

Wee Weasley sweater

Since my kids like Harry Potter, I thought it’d be cute to knit them each a wee Weasley sweater ornament. I finally got going tonight but I’m not pleased.

So many ends to weave in! So fiddly!  I will finish it, and I will make another, but I’ll convert into the round for #2 and simply pick up stitches for the sleeves. This has been messy and fussy! I think the kids will like them, though. 

Photo shoot

Today we went on a hike on the western side of Mount Tamalpais. It was a great day for it! Although many parts of the SF Bay Area had had frost early in the day, it wasn’t too cold up there by 2:00 or so.

I took along the just-Pom Pom-ed Wherever it Points hat, in case we had a good moment for a few photos. The opportunity came, and we took it!

I’m not sure why I was so slouchy, maybe I was worried that the kids would tumble down the mountain and into the Pacific. (They didn’t.) 

While I was concerned that the Pom Pom might be too big, the Wee Boy assured me that the hat is “beautiful!” and that his teacher will love it. (In all honesty, I’d forgotten that I had various sizes of Pom Pom makers, and just went with the first one I found, which happened to be the Ginormous size!)

On a fair isle roll

So I’m on my third colorwork project in a row…

This one is kind of a secret- the recipient doesn’t read blogs or use social media, I assume, but his/her parents do. So this may be all you see until it’s delivered in a week or so.

This is a fun knit! I’ll let you know the specifics later. For now I’ll just tell you that the yarn is (aside from the black) Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, and it’s surprisingly soft. 

Second teacher hat, done!

Tonight I finished the Wherevee it Points hat for the Wee Boy’s teacher.

  The boy will attend school all next week, so I’m not in a huge hurry and will take the time to block it. As it is, it fits great, slightly slouchy, and I think the yarn will bloom a bit with blocking. I’ll post an “after” pic when it dries. 

PS can you find my mistake?? 😜

Wherever it points

So I’ve started another colorwork hat already, this time for the Wee Boy’s teacher. This is the Wherever it Points hat, so far in leftover Miss Babs Yowza (gray) and cascade 220 (neon green).

Yesterday when I was plugging away at the 4″ of ribbing, I look d down and realized that I was knitting with the same yarn I was wearing!

Other than the tedious ribbing, I’ve been enjoying this project! 

Wish me luck!

Well! The kitty colorwork hat turned out pretty cute, although it ended up more of a slouchy hat than the beanie I’d imagined. I attribute this to three factors: 1) there were no modeled photos in the pattern, 2) I’m the first one to knit this project other than the designer, and 3) my gauge may be a bit looser than the patten called for.   Here’s the pattern:

Here are some photos, pre-blocking:

You may notice that the ribbing is poofy.  This really bothers me, so I’m going to snip and unravel, and re-knit the ribbing (K2P2 instead of K1P1).  I’ve never tried this unravelling the beginning and re-doing it, so wish me luck!