Charity knitting

Lately I haven’t felt like knitting much aside from bears for the Mother Bear Project and hats for Saint Anthony’s. 

I tend to use “Turn a Square” a lot for charity hats- it’s pretty quick and easy to memorize, and is a good stash buster.

And here’s my latest bear, Donna Noble.
I’ve just had a breakthrough in terms of bear bows- they look cuter when the bow is tied more loosely! I’d always thought a tightly-tied bow was perky, but a loose one, as it turns out, looks nicer. 

And, just for fun, here are some pics from the Botanical Gardens yesterday. I’m still recovering from pneumonia, so pardon my tired visage.

Mokia hat, finally modeled in daylight!
Goofy kid and me, and oops, I was wearing my hat backwards. 

2 thoughts on “Charity knitting

    • No idea! A friend had gotten a lot of yarn from someone (coworker? Friend?) about 6-7 years ago and gave it to me- a large amount of novelty yarns. Finally I’m down to the last wee ball of it- what I’d kept, that is. I definitely destashed or donated lots! 😬

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