Pretty good 

Although I haven’t been writing much about it (because it’s boring), I’ve been chugging away at a pair of Mr. Pitt’s Socks for my husband. Thanks to my plugging away, I can start the toe decreases in two inches or so. Yay! 

On one hand, I’m happy that he asked for these, and personally chose the yarn. On the other hand, these have been a long, boring knit, and I want to knit other things, including socks, but I’m a stickler for not having too many wips and NO UFOs, so I power through as best I can. But I might put into effect a rule against knitting DH socks in such thin yarn.

In other news, I have been spinning. This

Is becoming this.

 I’m trying to spin more loosely than usual, to hopefully get softer yarn in the end. We’ll see! 

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