Halloween part 3

We usually attend the Halloween festivities in San Francisco’s Japantown- it’s very family friendly, all the activities are free, and we usually run into friends there. Today started out very rainy but the weather cleared up just in time.

The kids chose different outfits today- the Wee Boy was a pirate (cobbled together from things we had around the house), and the Girl was Kiki from the movie Kiki’s  Delivery Service. I made the dress and cat (Jiji) for her four years ago, but they’re still serviceable! I wore my Dalek outfit again.

It was super sunny and bright after the rain!
This is exactly why I don’t mind spending the time to make our costumes; they still get so much love ❤️ even years later. 

Three down, one to go! 

Halloween parts 1 and 2

Yesterday was our first Halloween event, a carnival at the Girl’s school. I dressed in a school uniform, which went over really well with kids and adults alike. There were many double-takes, and many of the smaller kids who I hadn’t met yet thought I was one of the big kids. 😂

I only managed one goofy selfie. 

Today was the Halloween party at the Wee Boy’s school, where my Dalek costume made its debut.

The Wee Boy was the Fourth Doctor from Dr Who, and the Girl is Rey from The Force Awakens.  Most people thought I was a ladybug, but a handful of parents recognized Tom Baker and a Dalek. 

I plan to do a post soon about how I put my costume together- with ideas I would have found useful. 

Two events down, two to go!

Pretty good 

Although I haven’t been writing much about it (because it’s boring), I’ve been chugging away at a pair of Mr. Pitt’s Socks for my husband. Thanks to my plugging away, I can start the toe decreases in two inches or so. Yay! 

On one hand, I’m happy that he asked for these, and personally chose the yarn. On the other hand, these have been a long, boring knit, and I want to knit other things, including socks, but I’m a stickler for not having too many wips and NO UFOs, so I power through as best I can. But I might put into effect a rule against knitting DH socks in such thin yarn.

In other news, I have been spinning. This

Is becoming this.

 I’m trying to spin more loosely than usual, to hopefully get softer yarn in the end. We’ll see! 


Apparently I’m all about the instant gratification knits this week! I forgot to show you my Yoda bear:

And here’s the wee hat I made for the big brother of the recipient of the last wee hat I wrote about. 

Magic Coffee Baby Hat, of course! Unless I want to make something super fancy, this is my go-to hat for wee ones! 

And, to shake things up, I started a small spinning project last night:
These are part of a “Three Feet of Sheep”  set of roving I bought in Wisconsin last summer- I score so-so at using up the old before the new. 😜.  

Wee hat

A dear friend in Turkey is having a baby girl soon, so today I whipped up a Magic Coffee Baby Hat for the wee girl.

Not really typical baby color, I know, but my own Wee Girl convinced me that it was fine.

I also made ghosts today, but they’re for us.

PS my nails are always stained with paint, etc. DIY life!!!!!

More catch-up

Have you missed me?  I’ve been having trouble with WordPress on my phone, and just didn’t manage to write posts on the computer (evidence that I am way too dependent upon my pocket computer!!!).  Here’s a short catch-up post!

First, the Wee Boy and most of his Halloween costume!  The Fourth Doctor’s scarf is really long, but I think it will be ok.  I’m trying to get him to wear it around the house to test it out in case I need to shorten it for safety.  It’s perfect if I wrap it around him twice, and a friend suggested pinning it in place, which I think is genius.


Second is my most recent leethalknits hat KAL, Mokia.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mokia  It’s a pretty funky hat, but I found that my stockinette version, with the points tied together inside, isn’t too crazy for regular life.  I really can’t pull off pointy ears on a typical day.

I have been making really excellent progress with my Dalek Halloween costume.  I’ll show it to you soon– I think it warrants its own post because it might end up being something of a tutorial.