Cute little FO

A few weeks ago (?) I started sewing a Japanese knot bag out of some cute fabric a friend gave me. I couldn’t get far at that time, due to kids and confusion with the pattern. But today I finished it!

I meant for it to be a project bag, but as soon as it was done, I was heading to the library and stuck my wallet, phone, and keys inside, instead of taking my big (and unnecessary) backpack. It was perfect! Here’s an awkward selfie to document the simultaneous use of handknit sweater, handknit socks, and handmade bag.

Also! Yesterday we went to the beach and the kids decided to wear their recently tie dyed shirts, so here they are in action.

And! My indigo-dyed yarn is finally dry- here’s what they look like.

I’m pleased! Hope you had a good weekend!

Dye day

Today we went to a friend’s house for socializing and dyeing! I was very excited for this, because I’d been wanting to dye some white handspun and overdye some bright green handspun that I have never gotten inspired to knit up.


copious use of rubber bands here.


There was dye made from yellow flowers as well, but I chose to use only indigo. Compressed results:

4 skeins of yarn, 2 bits of fabric,1 pair of socks, and 2 t-shirts.  I’m so pleased with all the results! I’d hoped the green yarn would end up more of a blue, but the forest green is better (to me, at least) than the neon green!

Now I really want to try more tie-dyeing! I felt like I was a teenager again, working on my 4-H projects for the county fair! 😜


The current Leethalknits hat KAL pattern is going slowly. The cable rows are so involved- I only manage to knit about four rows in a sitting. Today I made it to here:

I have about 1 1/4 inches to go before starting the crown pattern/decreases. Not too bad, but gosh, it’s slow progress! My problem is that this pattern takes so much concentration. My only time to concentrate is when the kids are asleep, and by then I’m usually too tired for involved patterns. Luckily, now that I’m on the second pattern repeat, it’s going a bit faster. 


Truth be told, I was nervous about hemming my first knit-fabric sewing project! Today the stars aligned and I had time at home without kids, and I went for it!

For the bottom hem, I used some Stitch Witchery to stabilize the hem and make it easier.

For the sleeve hems, I just went with ironing and the use of straight pins. I could have done a neater job, but I’d put it off for so long, I really just wanted to finish.

The fit isn’t terrible! I should be nice to myself for having tackled something new, rather than complain about what could have been better,  right?  So I’ll say that my second neckline is much better than the first attempt, and my color choice is great. I happened to be wearing my most beloved t-shirt today, and it’s almost the exact color of this one.

Modeled photos soon!