Coming along nicely 

Maybe I like costumes a little too much? Two days into Halloween prep and the Wee Boy’s Fourth Doctor outfit is progressing nicely! The coat and vest have been altered/sewn, and the scarf is already over a foot long.

  I need to put buttons on the vest and coat for sure- yesterday the jacket was out for a test run and was flapping annoyingly in the wind. There are distinct advantages to getting an early start, eh?? No last-minute irritating surprises like flapping clothing!  The hat also needs a wind-proof strap, as it flew off the Boy’s head more than once! 

I highly recommend this scarf pattern for a child’s Doctor scarf- it’s quick and easy, and the stripes are fun! And goodness, I haven’t made a garter stitch scarf since I started knitting over 10 years ago! 😋

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